Hidden behind the lies

(before 5sos was famous) Lily meets a boy name Luke and is told hes the school nerd. nd the falls for him oh no what will happen


1. New School, New Friends, New Enemies, New Life.

Beep, Beep, Beep 

I woke up great New School.

I did my make up and pick out my outfit.

i didnt know what backpack i was going to use today. I have like 10 millon. Pink one no blue one no Owl One Yes

Then just my phone Case.

i ran down stairs and seen a Starbucks siting on the island "Oh my god thanks mum" i said grabbing the Starbucks off the island! as i walked out the door

I seen the bus coming i was nervous starting a new High School it was weird and scary i took a deep breath and walk on to the bus i seen like 10 guy stare at me and a couple of girls i sat down and a empty sit and then a kid ran on to the bus and trip and everyone laughed i picked up his books and moved over and let him sit down "Sorry im kinda clumsy" the boy said "oh thats fine" i said as i smile the boy look like he use 10 bottles of hair gel in his hair and was wearing a really ugly sweater

I thought i had a new friend but i guess not he did not talk to me at all i that bus ride 


                                                            *LUNCH TIME*

At lunch i seen that boy i went over and sat with him

"Umm i didnt get your name" As he look up 

"Luke Ahh Hemmings" He said

"You dont sound so sure of that"

 "Sorry i just do really talk to people that offen sorry and whats yours" He look back down

"Lily Ahh Pillson" I said laughing alittle He then laugh alittle wow his laugh its so cute

" Umm so were do u live u seem to be running to the bus" I ask 

"ahh 82 AvonPort RD." he said 

"OMG i live next door we should hang out" omg great idea 

"Ok" he said looking back down

"Well i gotta go i wil see u later then?" i ask standing up 

"yup" he looked up at me and smile omg his smile made me wanna die wow omg it was so hot

I made a New Friend

As i was walking to my locker i got taped on the shoulder

"Hi Im Amy" the girl said well i guess amy said 

 "Hi can i help you" I ask 

"Ahh yea Why are u hanging out with luke Just asking" she said and a rude tone

"Umm because i like him i mean why not" i said look at her like she was stupid or somthing

"Hes the school nerd" She said giveing e a dirty look

"Looks dont kill hunny and i dont care" i started to walk as they followed

"Hahha suchs a fail" One of then said and keap walking behined me

"And so was the condum and the abortion" they stop walking i keap walking and laugh a little 

 I made a New Enemies

I have a New Life


Ok this is Chapter 1 im updating for 1 like or fav or anything so share this book around and i need some name for some charter it can be your name ok!! Well all u Stay Beautiful Bye :)


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