Over night

When a young boy named Calum kisses another boy , he finds who he really is.


1. the kiss

Calum's pov

I walk into the house. The music is so loud...i love it.

I see Luke standing in the corner drinking with some of mine and his mates. I walk over and say hi. There playing truth or dare.

It came to my turn. A guy called Ash dares me and Luke to kiss. We refuse, but when two girls called Katie and Alex say they will do it if we will, we have no choice .

Alex leans over to katie and sits on her lap, she leans in and they start to kiss. It was so sexy. It came to mine and Luke's turn , we both took a gulp of alcohol and Luke lent in. I felt a weird sensation the moment his lips touched mine.

The night went on from there. Me and Luke kept looking into each others eyes until the moment i left the party .

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