The diary

A diary,of a girl,a girl who is happy,popular,perfect.To the world.But in fact she's the opposite.When her diary is found by the person she writes about most,Niall,they blossom into something amazing,but on they're way to happiness they're stopped by lots of things,including her hobby,and parents.Will they give up?or will it be too late?


2. Two

I wake up and it's 6:30am.I must be at the gym at 8:00am.I hop out of bed and I walk downstairs.

"Good morning mother"I announce as I walk downstairs,"Morning darling,I made you some porridge!" "Thanks,Where father?" "He's gone in a business trip" "nothing new"I mumble.

It's true he's always gone.I think in the past week I saw my father once.

"What that?"my mother takes me back to life,"Nothing" i reply."Lydia?" "Yes" "You should keep at diary"she suggests,"What?" "I just thought since your a teenager now you could keep your thoughts in a book,all to yourself" "yeah okay!"I reply.

I then go upstairs.I take out my black and pink leotard,Gym shorts,my grips,And water out of my mini fridge.I pack them I to my gear bag,braid my hair back and I'm ready to go.

"Bye mum"I shout going out the door.I always walk to gymnastics.Its a 30 minute jog from my house.

Once I get to the gym I start on beam and train train train.

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