The diary

A diary,of a girl,a girl who is happy,popular,perfect.To the world.But in fact she's the opposite.When her diary is found by the person she writes about most,Niall,they blossom into something amazing,but on they're way to happiness they're stopped by lots of things,including her hobby,and parents.Will they give up?or will it be too late?


3. Three

1 month later

Dear diary,

I have now nearly 31 pages in.I have told you about everything.About my health,What I think if myself and a lot more.If I were ever to lose you id die!

It's true.If anyone were to read what I put in this id die.

I have a date with Harry today.I decided to get ready for that.

My true style is kind of rock,like crop tops,black jeans,ripped clothes or like geeky cute style,Knitted jumpers,MOM jeans,docs,you know.But people think my style is ,Flowery dresses,blazers,ballet shoes.

I decide to wear my black and white high waisted shorts and a black blouse with jewellery.My hair is curled and pinned back of my face.The reason we have today off is because the gym is closed.

When I'm twud I walk outside onto the beach which is right outside my house.

"Hey babe"Harry's voice come from behind me and he wraps his arms around me from behind."Hey hazza" ,"So what do you want to do?"he asks,"Ummm how about just a walk on the beach with ice cream?"I suggest,"perfect"he hold my hand and we begin to walk.

"Do you think we'll be together forever?"he asks,"I don't know I hope so" "Yeah,but your just always gone Lyds" "So you want me to give up my dream for you?" "Am I not your dream?"

I love Harry,but the Olympics is what I've worked for since I was 3.After missing a year when I was 12 I had so much hard training and now he's asking me to give up now?

"Harry,I love you,but you know what gym means to me!" "Your just a weak little girl Lydia,A anorexic pathetic little girl!"he shouts.With that he walks of.

I'm now running home In tears.Mom and Dad aren't here.Mom and Dad love Harry.Simply because he's rich and dress fancy.

It's annoying.I don't have any casual clothes.I take out my checked legging with my A knitted jumper.I put on my black uggs.I take my diary out.

Dear diary,

Harry and I had a fight.He asked me too choose between him and Gym!Who does that!then he called me pathetic,weak and anorexic.Is he right?I know I'm not anorexic I'm fat what was he talking about?Im ugly I'm worthless.My parents didn't ever want me!Who would.I just wish that some blonde guy with big blue eyes and a nice accent would just walk into my life....

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