The diary

A diary,of a girl,a girl who is happy,popular,perfect.To the world.But in fact she's the opposite.When her diary is found by the person she writes about most,Niall,they blossom into something amazing,but on they're way to happiness they're stopped by lots of things,including her hobby,and parents.Will they give up?or will it be too late?


1. One


My cheer gymnastics screams at me to jump higher.Im training for the Olympic qualifiers.

"I gotta run early coach!"I say,"Okay see ya lyds"she replys.

"Hey babe"my boyfriend Harry,says to me,"hiya"I say and peck his lips,"Sorry harry I gotta go,I have a dinner with my management team,and tomorrow I have a shoot so I won't see you until Thursday" "okay"he simply says,"Bye"I say,I kiss him and run to my car.

When I reach my house,I'm greeted by my mum,"Sweetie I'd love to talk,but you gotta get ready!"she says and pecks my cheek,"Yes mum"I say and run up the stairs.I go into my walk in Wardrobe.

I take my white skater dress and navy blazer and out it on.Then I grab my chestnut boots and comb my hip length brown hair.I hear the doorbell ring.Here it goes.

Little sweet 16 year old Lydia.Or so they think.

"Hello,welcome to my house it is lovely to see you all,come in!"I say enthusiastically."Lydia,lovely to see you my dear,training hard I'd think?"my manager Paul asks me,"Very hard,yes"

We have now just ate dinner and Paul has offered me a role in a beauty add.Obviously I accept.Now they've left.THANK GOD!

I run up to my room and take off this dress.I put on my pj's and plug in my earphones,

'White lips,pale face,breathing in snow----

I'm Lydia Wellfield.Im 16 years old.Im 5'7 and I weigh 6 stone. I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I have long brown hair.Im a gymnast and currently training for the olympics.My life seems perfect.Well your wrong.

Yes,I have the perfect gym career,the perfect boyfriend,offers,a huge house,nice fancy clothes,latest IPhones,Headphones,I'm and only child.

But that's not the case....

When I was born my parents put me up for adoption.I was taken into my current family.The big filthy rich family.When I was 12 I had a brain tumour.The doctors thankfully got rid of it,but there's always that feeling it's going to come back;and if it does I might not be so lucky.

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