The diary

A diary,of a girl,a girl who is happy,popular,perfect.To the world.But in fact she's the opposite.When her diary is found by the person she writes about most,Niall,they blossom into something amazing,but on they're way to happiness they're stopped by lots of things,including her hobby,and parents.Will they give up?or will it be too late?


9. Nine

We've been to,Topshop,Urban Outfitters,American Apperal,Hollister,Schuch,and River Island

I've got,9 pairs of jeans,7 crop tops,5 normal t shirts,8 Zippies,6 jumpers,3 Playsuits,1 Rolling Stones tee,4 sweatpants,2 pairs of converse,1 pair of uggs,2 pairs of doc martens,1 hat,1 bag,and leggings.

"Niall thank you soooooo much!"I say giving him a side hug" "anything for you ma dear",Lydia?" "Ya?" "Will you be my girlfriend?" "Hmmmm,yeah"I say and we kiss."Now for the makeover!" "Finally!!!"I say.Ive always wanted a make over.

We walk I to Tony and Guy."Hello"I say to the woman inside,"hello are you hear for an appointment?" She ask,"yeah","what would you like?" She asks,"Can I get it blonde?" "Yeah but it will be $150" "sure"Niall answers before I could and he gives me a smile.

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