The diary

A diary,of a girl,a girl who is happy,popular,perfect.To the world.But in fact she's the opposite.When her diary is found by the person she writes about most,Niall,they blossom into something amazing,but on they're way to happiness they're stopped by lots of things,including her hobby,and parents.Will they give up?or will it be too late?


4. Four

---The Next Day---

Today I don't have gym until 1.So I'll leave school early.I get up out of my bed.I put on my black tights,Navy dress,Maroon cropped knitted jumper over the dress with a navy and gold belt.I put on brown riding boots.i comb my hair and fishtail it.I put on light makeup,grab a smoothie from my mini fridge say goodbye to my parents and go to school.

I go to my locker when Harry passes by.He looks me straight in the eye and keeps walking.The first bell rings.I get my math and music book and walk to class.I get a text on my phone,while checking the I bump into someone,"Sorry"I say bending down to get my books,"Let me"a thick Irish accent,I look up to see a blond haired,blue eyes boy,Wow.Hes all I've ever dreamed off,"thanks"I say,"I'm Niall"he says,"Lydia"I say and put my hand out to shake."See you around Lydia"

I'm now in math class."Lydia"my teacher says my name,"Yes sir?" "The sum 100+100?" "200" "yes now please listen.

After math I have music.I walk in and see Niall.

"Lydia!"he calls,and pats the seat beside him,"Hey"I say,"Hey,do you live in the mansion on the beach?" "Errr yah but I'm not like a snobby bitch everyone expects me to be" "I know"he smiles.His smile.

"Okay class so today you'll be given duet partners and you will have to prepare a song for next Monday and perform in front of this class and the other music class.

"Niall and Lydia",we look up,"you two are together"we nod.I look at the time.12:30 SHIT."excuse me miss I have to go","Okay"she excuses me."Bye Lydia"I hear Niall,"Bye"I smile.

I run to gym.Im there at 12:50.I go Into the changing rooms and put on my Blue leotard.I tie my hair up properly and hit the bars.

"Lydia,may I see your bar routine"my coach asks.I nod and hop up on the bars I do a few tricks then dismount.Triple back tuck.I land it,"that's great Lydia."she's pleased.

"Okay everyone the Olympic trials are on Tuesday.They start at 7am all the way until 11pm." "Lydia your bars are at 7:15,Beam 9am,vault 2pm and floor 7pm,and results at 11pm" "okay"I reply

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