Why Do You Write?

Everybody has a reason why they write. I want to hear your reason.


3. Why Do You Write Ms. Lia?

I write because of the vast amount of ideas swirling around my head. Thousands of ideas, all singing to me at once, and if I don't write them all down, it's possible I could explode. It's a good stress reliever; when I'm sad, my writing will be at its best because I'll write what I think. Not what others want me to think but what I honestly think, and that is how the stories I deemed good enough to continue were created. I'm an observer. I rarely speak, I often examine my surroundings fully, taking it all in, and those observations create thoughts and those thoughts create daydreams. Those daydreams create ideas. Those ideas can be built into stories. That's what I love about writing, and another reason why I write--something so simple can become something so beautiful. Writing gets out what I can't say; writing is my voice, and that is why I write.

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