Why Do You Write?

Everybody has a reason why they write. I want to hear your reason.


6. Why Do You Write Auntie Rogue?

The worlds we create as writers are uncharted lands, touched by no ruler and corrupted by no tyrant.
These worlds are ours to shape, these characters ours to create in our image and these stories to pen in our pleasure and our purpose.
They are my safe-place, they cannot be taken from me and changed by another, and should I need to retreat, these worlds of my making will always welcome me.
When I spill the blood of my heroes, I mourn their loss but give their passing purpose so that another hero might rise. And when I erect a villain, I pen his deeds with a coldness in my stomach.
When I create my scenery - my castles and dungeons, my forests and bogs; filled with or removed of life - I am captivated by them, lost in their grasp; held prisoner in my own mind until I escape it by staining paper with ink.
When anger rises, blood spits on the page like a disturbed cobra.
When sadness encompasses, tears dampen my work.
When happiness teems, roses blossom across the worlds.
And when an idea takes shape and moulds into a form - my pages hold not only a story for idle pass-time, but a message to learn from.
I create a character and place them in such turbulent, torture-some situations, such that would be improbable to over come - and yet, they overcome them.
And if they can strive to survive their circumstances and slay their demons - what would stop you and I from doing the same?

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