Why Do You Write?

Everybody has a reason why they write. I want to hear your reason.


5. The New Gods

Writers are not normal people. Normal people get thoughts and maybe play with them for a while and then toss them away. Writers can't do that. No, we have to analyze them, turn them over for inspection of every angle, hold them and feel their energy and finally set them to the side where they can live peacefully until we figure how to use them again.

We cling to thoughts and ideas like misers cling to coins. We explore them like forests and look for different trails and paths that others have not seen. Then, like the explorers we are, we rush headlong into those forests with no fear of what might be waiting there.

We create what inhabits that forest, and even in doing so, what is there might hurt us. That is the power we wield. We give our forest its bright and happy spots, but we might also give it places where evil rules. Sometimes, when one of our creations go into these dark places, they never return. We have created and destroyed and both actions are equally emotional.

In one of my tales, I killed a character that had become so real to me, that upon reading the scene back, I found myself beginning to cry. Ridiculous? Absolutely not.

We create. It is what writers do. We give life to our thoughts. We create people from those thoughts and infuse them with little parts of who we are. If one of them should die then, doesn't a piece of us die with him?

We create. We give life, we plan it and plot its course and in the end we decide if it lives or dies, if it triumphs or fails and if it will continue in another tale or sit quietly amid its rest. We create. In all the universe, only one group has done what we do.

We are the new gods of our worlds.

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