Writing Tips

Some writing tips that might help you write better!


3. Tips from another writer:

 What many writers refure to as word vomit. This is where writers INSIST that once you start writing you DO NOT whatever you do DO NOT STOP WRITNG. Do not edit till the end, do not take a short break. DO NOT STOP. Once you stop you lose your train of thought, or the style you were going for suddenly changes and you end up with a book or story that is no good at all. I am not joking. If you take the Inheritance Cycle for instance. Some parts are brilliant, especially for a fifteen year old guy, but some parts are utter tosh and you just cringe while reading them. 


Do not write casually if you are doing serious writing. Casual writing does not sell. Unless, of course, you have it done in a 'diary' format. But that us not considered 'serious' writing. Have you heard of 'Fab Confessions of Georgia Nicholson'? That sells because it is relatable. If someone used that writing style for something like 'The Fault In Our Stars' that would not sell. So be careful about the writing style you have set.


 Get a betta  reader of spell check. People like me are VERY picky about work and there are some that are less kind and more violent towards their criticism than I am. Beta readers are very helpful as they can tell you exactly where you went wrong and how you can improve your sentence structures. That, ladies and gentleman, is a much much better than a red line underneath your word or sentence. 


Avoid Clichés. Too many of these turn a good story into a bad story. Stuff like "my heart was beating as though it were a drum" is okay, but stay away from stereotypes.


-Sanguine (Writer on Movellas)

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