Writing Tips

Some writing tips that might help you write better!


2. Starting

Some of you may just be starting on Movellas and
You have a Movella or two written or you are thinking of writing or publishing something!


First thing you have to have is an idea, and when I mean an idea I don't mean one that tons of people have. (I am not saying that because of that its bad writing I mean that most people are looking for something unique).


After your idea you need to start writing. I don't mean the whole story but some so that 
You can make your blurb, cover and promote your Movella. 


I see Movellas as a high school or middle school. Because were all in little groups and I don't mean like One Direction fans or Little Mix, I mean friends on here. You have fans but then you may have friends. I know there are some groups like the Shadownight family and the mxfia family there an example of what I'm talking about. But just like middle and high school some people are in other groups. 


So if you mumble a writer on here a question and they answer then check out their stories (if you haven't already!), give them feedback (its always appreciated on here). By doing this, writers are going to start paying attention to your account (not always) but if you fan them and they mumble stuff like "Which cover? 1,2 or 3?" answer put a comment. You can always engage in conversations! Most people on Movellas are very friendly and very accepting (like if your a crazy fangirl there are many people on here like you :P)


So after you have things written look at other writers stories (Don't publish yet) and see how they wrote their things like in which characters perspective if it’s was first person, second, or third. See how they write but don't just read one read other writers work to get a wide verity of knowledge on how people write. Some people have more than one character so they have _________ P.O.V and then change it to a different P.O.V. (Incase you don't know like I did when I first started P.O.V means Point of view). Now I'm not saying to copy their exact writing style. You need to use your own because you’re going to get noticed for copying. 



This is super important! 
Do not write:
Katy made a video she becomes YouTube famous. She goes on tour and meets O2L (Our Second Life). Will she fall in love with Kian or Jc? Read more to find out!


NO! Do not write like that! You want to get readers attention. If they like it then they’re already going to read it! Don't give your story away in the blurb!

Here's an example of how to change that to this:

Three years ago Katy started making YouTube videos. Now with two million subscribers on YouTube Katy has been asked to go on tour. Not only does she meet her fans but also she meets some pretty famous YouTubers. Not only all of that but she has to make a big decision.

Now that’s just an example and it’s an okay blurb. Its not perfect but definitely is better than the first one!


After writing you should make a cover! There are cover stores or you can use sites like Ribbet.com (Which is what I use), Photoshop, or Pixlr.com (There are many more sites!). You do not want your cover with a picture and some words. I'm not saying that it needs to be super fancy but readers look at the covers. I know I do and it just looks better if you have a decent cover that looks like you took time on it. You don't want one that looks like you spent two minutes on it! Then add your cover!


After that every computer (That I know of) has word or a way to write on your computer that isn't online. Copy and paste your story in that and use spell check/word check. No one wants to read a story with misspellings and grammar problems. Now your computer might not pick up on everything so reread it!

Then publish! Unless you want to wait to have more written!


MUMBLE ABOUT IT! THERE IS ACTIVITY FEED AND MUMBLE FEED! Your mumble most likely will be on there and people will click it to see what you have!!!!

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