Writing Tips

Some writing tips that might help you write better!


8. Small tips that are simple but affective:

      These are if your just starting a movella they can help you now but you might already have it!


     This is a detailed list:


~Do not have a super long title:

Do not have some crazy long title! Have it small like

Forever in love, Paradise, something short!


~Chapters need names:

Don't just have chapter: 1, Chapter: 2 and so on. Let them have names

because it will get the readers attention and make them want to read it more. But not really long names!



Something movellas has is tags and you should take advantage of it!

Tags help the readers find your movella. Like an example is Love, or if its a fanfic something like NiallHoran, OneDirection, TheVamps, TFIOS, ect. When I look for things on here and say I'm looking for a One Direction fanfic I'll type in One Direction and then look at the tags and 

press the tag like love or OneDirection, ect. 




So keep those in mind when your writing!

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