Writing Tips

Some writing tips that might help you write better!


6. Questions

  1. There is no reason that I'm blocking their name out I just was bored and was messing around on my editor. 

  2. If you have any questions and want tips just comment them and I will answer them!


 For the first one: 

How to know if your writing a filler chapter:

When you start writing a story, you have an idea in your head how you want the story to go. Maybe you don't

know how its going to end but you have a start of the story in you head. Keep with that idea or completely change it BUT BEFORE YOU PUBLISH IT! Thats why you should have at least 2-4 chapters already written before you publish it. (I am really bad about doing it). So then if you want something else to happen you can go back and change it without confusing the readers. Something I do not recommend is changing the name, so if you have ten chapters published don't go changing the name because you most likely forget a part and people will notice it and be confused. 


How to space your chapters:

I don't know if it happens for you but my teachers always say a paragraph is 5-8 sentences, thats 

a way to space them. What I would do is wrote the whole thing without spacing (Paragraph wise) and then once you finish the chapter edit them. So count from every 5-8 sentences and and press the return key and indent. Or if your chapter is really short and you want to make it look bigger just do different sized paragraph I would do about every 3-4 sentences and then do another paragraph!


Is it okay to have short chapters sometimes?

Yes, it is but don't make a habit of it! If you have a ending that you want to leave because its a cliff hanger and the chapter is short then leave it but don't have every chapter short!


If you have another questions, tips, comments leave them in the comments!


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