Writing Tips

Some writing tips that might help you write better!


12. Question:


A book is not commonly read. It just has a lot of reads.

If you have quiet a few fans or even just a little, that can help you. 

Because then they can comment and it will show up on there page and there fans/followers 

will see it and maybe they will check out your story. Or I know that there are magazines that will give shout outs to a book and people will most likely check it out! Give it time though. The day after you publish it, it most likely will not get a billion reads. 


Like Youtubers and Viners, they do not get noticed after one vine.

Update regularly and people will start to notice.

The only thing I recommend is do not mumble after you update every single chapter!

Maybe do it like the first three chapters and then every fifth chapter like chapter 5, 10, 15 and so on.

Mumble those ones not all of them because it will be like spamming!




Hope this helps!

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