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4. Chapter 4

(Still Cameron's POV)

After about 10 minutes of us joking around about our favorite vines the pizza arrived.

We all sat down and Greg immediately wanted to get to business.

"So girls.. You really want to join magcon?"

They both nodded their heads after exchanging a look. I assume they are really close because that 3 second look seemed to have been like a whole conversation between them.

Greg pulled out a large stack of papers out and set them on the table.

"These are some contracts you are required to fill out to join, I apologize for it being so much but it's the law, if you want I can just show you where to sign so you don't have to read it all.."

"omg please do." Jay said with a sigh of relief.

He showed them where to sign and told them a summary of what they were signing for,

"Okay ladies, that was the last signature!" Greg said, clearly excited.


Jayden hugged bray tightly, I heard bray whisper "Even with all the shit we have been through... We came out on top sister."

(Jays POV)

I went up to Hayes' room and sat on his bed

"You play any video games jay?" Hayes asked with a cocky smirk.

"Um yeah. Ya rood."

He laughed and pulled out some games. He held up all of the options cod ghosts, black ops ||, and mw4.. Hmm...

"You any good at black ops || lil guy?" He slid the game into his xbox and stood up with a nod,

"taller than you, short stuff."

I stood up and glared at him, looking him up and down. I tackled him to the ground and he let out a girlish shriek, I laughed so hard I was tearing up.

(Bray's POV)

I hear the front door open but I don't acknowledge it. I hear what sounds like Taylor Caniffs' and Matt Espinosas' voices and I freeze. I am in the downstairs bathroom, which is right next to the living room.

".. yeah, Jayden just seems like an easy fuck to me. she seems all tough but I think that she is kinda a slut." Taylor says to Matt, but before I hear a response from him, I walk out of the bathroom, and slam the bathroom door behind me.

"Listen here, Caniff, you don't know the shit that she has been through and she is definetely not a fucking slut. And how do you even know if she's easy?! You've barely met her!!" I yelled before walking away. What an asshole.

I ran upstairs to Hayes' room to find them playing video games. I told her what happened and she ran downstairs and out to the backyard where Matt and Taylor were talking.

It's about to get real.

(Jayden's POV)

Why does Taylor think I'm an easy fuck?!! I know him and Sam happen to be good friends and... What if Sam told him what happened Between us and Taylor told Matt And now everyone thinks I'm a slut?!

I ran up to Taylor with burning mad tears forming in my eyes. I looked him dead in the eyes and screamed,


"Jayden.. Calm down, I can explain."

"EXPLAIN MY A....- *takes deep breaths* okay. Please explain."

"Okay so.. Your an easy fuck." He began laughing.

I've never been this mad before..

I smacked him with more force then I should've.


I could see the heartbreak in his eyes. I just realized how loud I had been because Cameron, Hayes and carter ran towards me with a worried expression, I could feel my eyes fluttering.

My mind went blank, the light of the world turned off and I heard a scream followed by cries of help. After this there was only peace.

~*~ 3 hours later ~*~

I felt my yes flutter open and my Mind was still blank. Taylor was sitting at the end of the couch that my body was stretched against.

"Wh-where's bray..?"

He sighed, "After you fainted-/ due to dehydration-/ she fell backwards and fainted also but she sprained her ankle. She's fine, they just went to grab an ankle brace from Walgreens."

"so can you explain all this to me?" I sat up and glared at him.

"oh yeah.... Sam told me about your guys' heated make out session and I um.. I kinda like you so I got jealous and thought if I went around telling people no one would want you to be with them and I would have you for myself.."

"Oh Taylor..." I realized he was holding an ice pack to the side that wasn't facing me. The side I slapped him on. I crawled across the couch right next to him and turned his head, I removed his hand and he ice pack to examine his face, it was really red/purple.. I must be really out of it because I also just realized I'm at my house.

He shrugged.

"Well I have to head out, bray was going to Marcus' for the Night because Sam wanted to come and visit you so she wanted you two to have some alone time.. I will text you later jay."

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