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1. Chapter 1(;

Chapter 1

(Jay)den's POV)

I stared at the screen in awe, "Wow bray.." She looked at me and nodded in some kind of agreement. Her jaw was dropped and we both kept rereading the number that lit up next to the word 'subscribers'. The silence was getting annoying so i said something, "Do you really think 4 million people watched our videos... And liked them?!" She looked at me.

(Bray's POV)

Wow. I literally can't beleive this! It's so amazing that we have made it this far in 2 years.. I was scrolling through the comments and multiple people have mentioned us making a Vine Account. Maybe we should.

"Hey, Jay, maybe we should make a Vine Account. I mean they do want us to." I mentioned.

(Jayden's POV)

While Bray was scrolling she started talking to me, but I was completely zoned out in memories, I knew she was talking but it went in one ear and out the other. I really wished my mom was here to pat my back and tell me it would be okay but I hated her. She cheated on my dad with Bray's dad and I would never forgive her for that. I then realized Bray was tapping me on the shoulder, urging me to answer her. I flinched when she touched my shoulder. I looked up at her and realized my eyes were starting to water. I quickly wiped away the tears forming in my eyes and smiled brightly.

"Um what did you say Bray? Sorry I was zoning out." I apologized.

"I was just how we should make a vine account. All the fans are asking for it!" She looked really excited and convinced I would say yes. She knows I'd do almost anything for the fans.

"Sure!" I said. I downloaded the vine app on our new iPod 5 red. We registered and got ready to make our first vine.

"Hey guys!! Guess who's on vine now?! JB!!!" we smiled really big and said the words together as if nothing was wrong with our lives. Bray was so good at hiding how badly the past hurt her, I was good at not showing it towards bray, but I break down when I'm alone.

After making our first vine bray took a shower and I made a little update video for YouTube;

"Ayo swag mommaz and daddayz!!" I winked.. They know bray hates it when I talk like that.

"Okay so because we love you guys so much.. Part of us celebrating 4 million subscribers is making a vine! The link to our account will be in the description! But don't worry, we will do something way cooler for our official celebration.. Who knows, we might ask o2L to celebra-"

The shower turned off and Bray yelled, "Jay who are you talking to!??!!"

I put my pointer finger to my mouth "shhh.....well that's all for now, stay rad, stay swag, and don't forget to subscribe..!." I stopped recording and began editing the video and adding our opening/closing. I uploaded the video. Satisfied . I jumped in the shower after bray, we both had work early in the morning.

*the next day*

Bray and I made a few vines before work, a relatable one for morning tiredness, a 'make up tutourial' of me putting lipstick all over my face, then one of me waking up Bray...I poured ketchup and mustard all over her and she screamed because I also put ice cold water on her.

After getting cleaned up and ready it had been an hour and a half. I was 6:17 and we had to be at work by 6:30 (a.m.) We hopped into the jeep without doors that we had bought with the money we saved up that wasn't spent on the apartment and groceries.

we are so grateful to have so much from starting with so little. As we pulled into the Starbucks parking lot, a song that we knew by heart came on. We sat in the car, singing at the top of our lungs. And I would say that we sound pretty damn good. .


I unplugged the car and saw the upset look on her face. I laughed and we raced into work. I looked at my phone, and it was 6:24. 6 minutes to go!!

I saw our manager, Cheyenne nod at us for being on time and we go to the back to put our cute little aprons on. Time for work!

"Hey, Jay, since we have some time before work, we should make a Vine! I have a good idea." Bray told me, excitement clear in her voice.

I told her she could go ahead and make it and that I just needed to use the restroom.

I could hear her recording and laughing but I stayed in the bathroom as long as possible. I sat on the little bench and locked the bathroom door. I picked up my phone and read the text over and over again

-You've been gone for what..? 2 years now? You and bray need to get home! And when you do come home you are in big trouble..!


I've had this text for two day now. She sent one of these every month or so and every time I had a complete break down. Maybe I should reply to this one... I let my thumbs quickly bolt around the screen.

-Yes it has been two years and we don't plan on coming back, my home is here now. Goodbye Linda. Don't ever attempt to contact me again or there will be consequences.

-Your previous daughter

I sighed and shoved my phone into my back pocket, opening the door I smiled brightly, as a good employee does. I walked around the back and into the little station where I made drinks and Bray takes orders along with handling the treats and such. About 6 & a half hours later, we got to go home.

(Bray's POV)

Wow, I'm exhausted! I can't believe that we worked that many hours today! Now for our second job that pays well, YouTube. I think that it's my time for a video, well it is Thursday, and that is my video day. I think that I want to do a collab, but who with? I scroll through my contacts, wondering who I should collab with. Hmm how about Marcus? We could do a Bristish VS American Accent Tag! I decide to call him.

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