I dare you!

"ugh the plan is, If your gonna have control hurt him by being a player make him mad, sad, frustrated, jealous, make him want more,tease him, when he is at the part where he wants to have sex with you...Then you break him down" She said.


8. shhh..

Anna's p.o.v

I woke up in a strange room, for a second I didn't remember anything from yesterday but all with a sudden the memories came back to me.


I looked by my side where Niall was supposed to sleep but he was not there it was Saturday it was little bit late at the night it was  12:35.am.


Have I really been sleeping for that long? I wonder where Niall is, I walked to get some clothes "wait I don't have any clothes.... fine what can I do now?" I asked myself, I wonder if Niall gets mad at me if I barrow some of his clothes because I can't find mine, maybe he put them to wash.


I walked over to his closet and got a big shirt and tried it on, it was like a little short dress, I looked at the my phone 12:36.am I had nothing to do at this time, I leaned against the wall I turned on my phone again and typed in the password.


I opened snapchat, I had five waiting snaps it was from some of my friends the door opened and Niall ran into the room, he stopped and looked at me, he walked over to me and I was about to walk away because I understood something was wrong but he pushed me against the wall, "pleas don't hurt me" I said looking into his eyes. he looked into mine.


"why do everybody say that?" He yelled in my face, I could smell the alcohol. he was drunk but still a little bit himself, his eyes gazed to my shoulder where his hands where I just looked at him in the eyes scared of what he was thinking about doing next "all I want is.....forget it" he said still weary angry, his eyes looked everywhere in the room, he let go of my shoulders and got to the bathroom. I heard him mumble and speak to himself.


I walked closer to the door so I could hear what he said "who the fuck does he think he is?" he said in an angry low voice "fucking Harry thinks he owns her, I'll protect her shes mine" he said I heard foot steps coming close to the door I ran back to the wall where he had left me just in time.


He walked over to the bed still angry,  he was only in his boxers and hes muscles was  showing, I walked over to him from behind  still only wearing his shirt and my undies without a bra, I hugged him from behind he turned around in the bed and sat up in the bed I got up in his lap, I was holding him around the neck. "I-I'm not scared of you but of....I have a reason, ok? but I can't tell you now" I said slowly. He nodded understanding, wow I've never seen this understanding, lovely, cute personality of Niall "I-I...love you" I said slowly.


Niall looked at me in the eyes, he leaned down to me and slowly kissed me, he rolled over so he was laying in bed and I was on top of him without breaking the kiss, "I love you to" he said and broke the kiss, wait what if he is only using me?



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