I dare you!

"ugh the plan is, If your gonna have control hurt him by being a player make him mad, sad, frustrated, jealous, make him want more,tease him, when he is at the part where he wants to have sex with you...Then you break him down" She said.


6. rats

ANNA'S p.o.v

"everyone!! listen!" our teacher yelled!! all I wanted to do was sleep! I was awake almost all night thinking about Niall, now I'm at school and I don't have energy to play a player or to to homework or work at school. "since the girls can't sleep at their dorm......we don't have anyother choice but putting them into some of the boys'es dorm, we have tried to fix something else but the school does not have money for it" MR.Woods yelled. I could feel Niall looking at me with a smirk. "MR.Woods? why can't we girls sleep in our dorm nit that its a problem though?" one of the girls asked smirking to one of the boys. "well first of all there is found rats in all of the girls'es dorms in this class and there is 100 of them but we are working on it" MR.Woods explained. MR.Woods called up some names and ow he was at the last names "harry is it ok for you to have Lia in your dorm?" Mr.Woods asked. Harry nodded, MR.Woods looked at Lia she looked away. "ok now there is only one girl left, Who can take Anna in their dor-"MR.Woods got cut of "I can!" Niall yelled. MR.Woods looked at me for an answer I wanted to say no but Lia was looking at me with a look that said "do it" and I was to tired to open my mouth to I just nodded. "ok well eveyone has now the class is over" Mr.Woods said and started to work with some paper.  I packed my things and walked out, I walked to the exit door, I heard footsteps behind me, it was Niall. "where are you going your going with me" Niall said. I looked in his eyes and he looked in mine, "are you ok?" he asked a little worried. "just tired" i replied.**********I walked into Nialls room. the smell of smoke and alcohol brushed into my face. "hungry babe?" Niall asked, did he just call me babe? "pizza?" he asked. I nodded. did he know Pizza was my favorite food? I sat down on his bed, it was really big. I walked to a table where a picture was. I looked at it, it was Niall with a older lady maybe his mom and an older guy wich might be his dad and a handsome guy who looked a little older than Niall, who is that? his brother? friend? the door opened and Niall came in with a Pizza and but it on a big table. "who is this guy?" I asked and pointed at the picture. "oh Its Greg my older brother" Niall replied. "he is........he seems cool" I was about to say cute but refused to. "want to watch a movie babe?" he asked, he keeps calling me babe. I was still a bit tired But i just nodded, I looked out of the window and it was really dark outside. I remembered that I needed to be a player, ugh I can just drop it, Lia can't make me. we sat down on his bed he turned on the TV and got on Netflix he just turned on a movie without asking wha! it was a romance movie! he turned on the movie while we was waiting on it ti load I felt more and more cold but I didn't want to come close to Niall.**********I was so tired but didn't want to fall asleep in the middle of the movie but even though I was tired I wanted to know if what Lia said was true if he really treated me special because if a nother girl fell sleep here in his room we would wake her up and have sex with her and then kick her out but lets see what he does to me.



----------------------------------------------------------------------------------sorry for not updating in a while but here is a little long one love ya btw what do you think Niall would do?!?!?!?

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