I dare you!

"ugh the plan is, If your gonna have control hurt him by being a player make him mad, sad, frustrated, jealous, make him want more,tease him, when he is at the part where he wants to have sex with you...Then you break him down" She said.


4. NO!

Annas p.o.v

"Now did you do as i said?"Lia asked. I nodded and smirked. "did it work?" She looked at me with big eyes. I nodded again. "I kissed him" I said all with a sudden. "no! do not kiss him!" She yelled. "I didn't do anything else" I raised my voice. "well I'm going to bed" I said and walked calmly to the bathroom got of the makeup and the dress and put on my PJ's and brushed my hair and teeth and got to bed. All i could think about was him.how he kissed me. it wasn't the kiss that I wanted, it was more hungry and hard. Niall was god damn hot though.


ok guys I have not been updating in like a month and its haoppning s0 much at school and I lost my password but now I rememeber it and I got to go, got to do homework!

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