I dare you!

"ugh the plan is, If your gonna have control hurt him by being a player make him mad, sad, frustrated, jealous, make him want more,tease him, when he is at the part where he wants to have sex with you...Then you break him down" She said.


1. I dare you!

Nialls p.o.v

"I dare you to Make that girl... whats her name again? oh yea I dare you to make that girl Anna to fall in Love with you then your gonna have sex with her and then dump her" zayn dared. "easy, but what do I get if I win?" I asked. "hmmm What should we give him boys?" Zayn asked the other boys. "You can give him the boss room" Harry replied. "no no no" Zayn(who has the boss room) said. "I won't do it unless you give me the boss room!" I yelled. "but your gonna have sex with one of the hottest girls at school man isn't that good!" He yelled back. "Shes not the hottest, Rebecca is!" Liam yelled. "ey! Don't fight" Louis said. "Rebecca is so fake, fake boobs, fake ass and fake body!"Harry yelled to Liam. "SHUT UP!   NIALL! do you accept the dare?" Zayn asked. "na-a-ah the boss room" I teased. "fine for Fuck sake! But If you fail and and starts hate you more than she already does... shes my try" He he smirked. If you don't know whats going on where playing truth or dare. If you wonder who I am, I'm Niall horan the bad boy. I am known for hump and dump, Anna is no big deal the only thing I need to do is just to look at her and say shes mine and take her to my dorm and hump her and then dump her. Every girl on this school loves me, I'm a bad boy, who don't love me? The thing is Anna has Never spoken to me or made eye cotact. So here is my habits are: have sex with girls ever night, go to party every night, get drunk every day, smoke and do drugs. Just so you know I'm not a Boyfriend material. 


Anna's p.o.v

I sat outside school trying to read but it was hard to read when the one and only Niall horan stood there talking to girls. they was all over him. I have to admit he was god damn hot but he was still just a jerk who's trying to have sex with almost every single girl at school. Niall looked at me, our eyes meet, He smirked. I looked quickly away. damn it i got me starring at him. Now he will Imagine that I like him. Niall walked over to me. "like what you see" He smirked. geez what is it with boys and smirking! I didn't answer just looked down and keept reading. "ok lets try that again, Hello I'm Niall Horan the hottest guy on this school" He said. "OOOOO Niall is leaving hot girls for a ugly one! IS NIALL GOING SOFT!!" One guy yelled. I looked up. Niall looked angry. He turned around and walked to that boy who yelled. "Shut the Fuck up!" He yelled. everyone was looking at them now. Niall started to punch his in the face till he fell down on the ground. "Niall Horan will never go soft! ok?" He yelled. everyone nodded and whent back to whatever they was doing. Niall walked back to me. I got scared. what if he did the same to me? I walked Backwords but facing him until I hit the wall. Niall came closer and closer. He was now holding around me. "DO I really scare you that much?" He asked. "eh no no" I repleid and walked away. he ran after me when he was right behind me I  got scared. I walked faster and so did he. I started to run and so did he. I fell over a stone and on the ground. "pleas don't hit me!" I begged. He stopped. "I do scare you, don't I?" he asked a little sad. I nodded. I got up, ugh my knee is hurting. I Keept walking and Niall was following. I walked to my dorm alone because Niall got stopped by a crowd of girls if you even could call thoes girls girls they are more like sluts. I walked in to see a mad Lia (Lia is my bestfriend) "WTF did you do with Niall horan, You know that we both hate him and if Cira ever sees you with him she will kill you, you know she has a freaking big crush on Niall!" She yelled. " I didn't want to be with him, And I'm scared of him anyways so I'll stay away" I repleid. "wha- what do you- are you scared of him?" She asked. "he hit a guy down because he said that he was going soft and the  he got really mad and beated him up and then he walked over to me and i thought he was going ti hit me but he didn't and I'm still scared though because he came so close so fast" I repleid. she nodded but i bet she didn't understand a shit.



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