I dare you!

"ugh the plan is, If your gonna have control hurt him by being a player make him mad, sad, frustrated, jealous, make him want more,tease him, when he is at the part where he wants to have sex with you...Then you break him down" She said.


3. controle

Annas p.o.v

I was at the club in this outfit 

I got it from Lia, it looked really sexy. Lia said that Niall and the rest of the boys was here. Lia said that he would usualy be at the bar. I wish I could ask where the bar was but Lia was at the dance floor so I didn't want to go there. How do I act sexy? how do I teas Niall horan? oh I see him, he isn't drunk yet, just a little tipsy. remember leave make him want more. I walked over to him from behind. he was looking at a crowd of girls dancing half naked. i have a little plan. I walked closer till I was right behind him. "hey bad boy Horan" I whispered in his ear in a flirting tone. omg I've never done this before. He turned around and looked at me. ok now, don't let him leave you wanting more. "Anna?" He smirked. I thought it was sexy, wait what!?! "Nice dress" He said. I blushed, no no don't blush be a player! I grabbed his shirt and pushed myself on him. "hmm wanted a peace of Horan anyways" he smirked. "maybe" I replied. he sat down on a chair and i sat in his lap splitting my legs and facing him. I started to kiss his jawline and up at the cheak. but stopped when I came to the lips I stopped, I licked my underlip just to teas him and it worked he looked at them and started to bite his lips.


Niall's p.o.v

she was such a tease I wanted to kiss her so badly but if i did she would leave, I wanted more of this girl. I wonder how her body moves are? lets find out. I pulled her to the dance floor. she started to dance, she wiggled her butt right infront of my Dick it started to get hard down there, she turned around and I was about to kiss her and she was about to play with me and do the same but when our lips was centimeters apart she turned around and walked over to a nother guy. What the he- oh I see what shes trying to do make me mad, tease me and  make me jealous, shes trying to play with me like I was a doll, well I had to admit it worked for a second there, she did pretty well. she looked at me while dancing with that other man. her eyes was happy, sad and teasy. All with a sudden she left. she was on her way to the exit door. Oh hell no! I ran after her, damn this girl was fast. she was already outside. "wait!" I yelled. she walked faster, I grabbed her arm and turned her around and kissed her, she kissed back. It fellt good, I kissed her neck and lifted her up and was about to carry her into the party again but then she jumped down from my arms and gave me a sexy wink and left. hmm the girl likes to have controle...... I like it, Next time I'll get her and win that bet.

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