Not an ordinary summer

Hello, my name is Luke Hemmings. I'm 18 years old and just an ordinary guys from Australia. At least, I was just an ordinary guy. Now, I'm the leadsinger of the band 5 Seconds of Summer - or as we also call it 5SOS. The other band members are Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood. It's actually quiet funny we're a band now - I used to hate Michael. Why are we in a band? Well, it all began on a summer camp in South Africa 4 years ago.
*Sorry if I made any mistakes. English isn't my native language.


3. Jam sessions

Calum's p.o.v.:

During breakfast, Luke, Ashton, Michael and I were talking. "How was your date, Luke?" I asked curious. "Date?" "With Alyss ofcourse. Yesterday evening. How was it?" I explained. "Oh, well... It wasn't a date... But, it was fun." he said blushing. "Luke and Alyss, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marrige, then comes baby in baby carriage." We all sang in choir, not too loud of course. It made Luke blush even more. "Shut up, I don't like her." "Not, not at all." Ashton said, rolling his eyes. "Luke, it's so obvious. Besides, she likes you too." Michael said. "No, she doesn't. How do you know?" "Why else would she want to walk when it's freezing?" Luke looked down. "I... I didn't know what I was saying, okay?" "So you admit you're in love with here?" Whispered Ashton; Luke nodded. "Then what are you waiting for, man? Ask if she wants to be your girlfriend." I whispered. "Are you mad? We barely know eachother..." said Luke shy. "So what?" I said. "I can't just walk towards her and ask if she wants to be my girlfriend. What if she says no? Everybody will laugh with me..." "Good mourning, everyone! I hope everybody slept well. On the table infront, you'll see some papers. You can write down your name on the paper of the Jam session you want to do. There are different Jam sessions: piano, drum, guitare,... You can only chose one. Don't worry, you'll get the chance to follow the other Jam sessions as well." Simon, the leader said.

Luke's p.o.v.:

Table by table, we all went to the papers infront. I decided to do the singing Jam session. Ashton choose drum and Michael and Calum choose guitare. "Hello everyone. This is the singing Jam session." Yolandi, another leader said. Some people left. "Probably the wrong session, no matter." Yolandi is a woman around 30 years old. She has black, middle-long hair and brown eyes. She spoke very sharp and she looked like she had too much energy. Yet, it's a fun woman. I looked around the circle... and saw Alyss. I smiled to her and she smiled back. Luckily, nobody noticed. Alyss' friends were clearly in another group. "Alright, I've got some duets for you, so form pairs everyone." I was surprised Alyss came to me. "Do you mind singing with me?" she asked. "No, not at all." I said smiling. The song Yolandi gave us was 'Wouldn't change a thing' by Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. "So, I wan you guys to practice the song together as much as you can, cuz friday, the first Jam will take place. You're not obliged to sing this song on the Jam, but I'd really appreciate it." Yolandi informed us. "For those who don't dare to take part of the Jam, there'll be more chances. But I can tell you it's really fun." "Let's claim a piano." said Alyss. "You play piano?" I asked curious after we claimed one; she nodded. Alyss practiced the song before we actually sang it. She had to sing first. "It's like he doesn't hear a word I say. His mind is somewhere far away. And I don't know how to get there." We sang the whole song a fiew times - sometimes we repeated a part. Alyss has such an amazing voice. "I think we should practice a fiew times a day." Alyss said. "Sure, it's going to be amazing." I smiled." Yes, I hope it will be. I see your friends are waiting outside for you. It's lunchtime." I looked outside and saw them. Alyss hugged me and went outside.

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