Cell Block Chained


1. Two-Faced High

Chapter 1

Welcome to Two-Faced High

6:00am always the same shit. Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, wait at a corner, catch the bus, and off to the same shithole school. Nearly every corner in the hallways there was always couples who felt the infamous need to display sexual intentions before class starts or the big druggies trying to make a quick buck.

The girls dressed as though they were ready to go for a job interview at a strip club, and the guys wore their jeans just below their ass cheeks. I guess that was the style trending now. Almost all the guys look like they are ready to drop the soap .. Just the jocks anyway.

With almond shaped brown eyes, long hair up-do style bun, hooped earrings, white fitted T-shirt, and tight denim jeans with white sneakers I walked into class and to no surprise only a few people were there. The teacher's name was Ms. Dillard, a stubborn middle aged woman that would always smile instantly at students who didn't return her greetings. If you ask me she was way to happy for her own good. I often would question myself does she ever have a bad day or maybe she does drugs on the side and that's why she's so damn happy all the time.

" Well it seems as though no one else is coming so I'll start taking attendance.


"Here." He said bluntly before turning his head to me. We locked eyes for a moment before I rolled my own and faced front.


"It's pronounced Tonya there ain't no "A" after the "T" lady." She was clearly from the hood judging by the way she popped her gum loudly and pucked out her hot pink lips.

Mrs. Dillard ignored her comment she always had a problem with her ever since last year maybe she failed her or she was just plain out disruptive and rude. She continued.

"Dianielle, Bethany, Jason, Randy, Jordan, Bryan..."

A few seconds later she finally got to my name

"Vera Santino?" She called out in her scratchy voice you could tell she smoked cigarettes on her days off.

"Present" I responded my hand was in the air for a brief moment before putting it back down.

Tonya had her brown legs crossed for once as she turned from the front of the room to face me with her fingers supporting her rounded chin.

"Present, damn girl do you always have to sound so goddamn prissy bitch?" she mocked as she sucked her teeth with a grin before popping her obnoxious gum yet again.

"Oh look, you've got your legs closed for once.

Maybe you should stop wearing skirts letting the guys know your ready to fuck all the time" I snapped back getting up from my seat making my way over to her. The entire class were whispering to their friends around them and some of the guys mimicked "oooh burn" as a reaction from my comment.

Tonya, slammed her palms face down on the desk and stood up before throwing a bunch of hand gestures in my face as she spoke.

" Who you think you talking to?! You better go sit your ragedy tragic lookin' ass down before I sit you down! You don't know me!"

She placed both hands on my shoulders and shoved me back into a desk. My hands gripped the chair before chucking it at her torso but it hit her thigh instead. Tonya stumbled backwards before lunging her body at me and gripping my hair so I gripped hers back, causing her tracks to fall onto the floor. I slipped a few punches in her face as she continued to try and claw at mine. The class spread out to the corners of the room whipping their cell phones out and started to record the fight. Meanwhile, Mrs. Dillard looked out of her room before yelling down the hall,

"Could I get security in here?!"

Two male security guards grabbed us and pulled us apart, but I got the last kick in after she let go of my hair and clothes.

"Stupid bitch!" She hissed and spit her gum in my face.

We were dragged down the hall to the principles office awaiting to talk to him. Ain't nothin in this school but what used to be good kids gone bad. Welcome to North face high.. Or as I call it Two faced high.

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