Numb My Skin

Alice blamed her youth at first. Then she realised that the addictions were something of a bigger problem. Her youth was an excuse, her downfalls were easily led by others. The things she faced were brought on by herself. Her own choices were held back from her for numerous years so when the time came for her to make those important choices she didn't realise what she was doing. She stopped looking for the monsters under her bed when she realised that they were trapped inside of her. By then it was too late.


1. She Was Closed Off

Normal girls were everything Alice wasn't.

Anyone could have told you that. 

She was quiet yet strong willed, she was determined yet restrained. She knew of others but was never allowed to socialize with outsiders. If she had known of the outside world sooner, beyond her computer screen, then there was no doubt in her mind that she would want to explore whatever wonders it held. But the wonders it held were stronger than she could imagine. Some came in views, others came in people, but what Alice didn't realise was that her wonders would come in the form of pills and potions.

     Tiny escapisms that could only be granted to those who paid large amounts for them. Dusty white powders that electrified the mind in a harsh tease, glittering crystals that sparkled with the feeling of temptation and despair, flaky leaves which whispered the callings of temptation, miniature capsules coated with a thick layer of addictions. 

      To some they aided their lives. An easy effective way for one to escape quickly and efficiently from worldly struggles.  To others they did nothing but wreck it. Everyone around them felt the punch as much as they felt it themselves. When they can stop, they don't want to, and when they want to stop they can't. It was a vicious circle that was destined to suck Alice in. She had no idea what she would face on the day she left home. She was preparing for heights she could take, in more ways than one.

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