Ugh. My Life

Brynnlee's a normal 6th grade girl- well kinda. She spends her time ignoring her english teacher, avoiding her little sister, and performing exorsims on her dog! But after she posts a couple of funny youtube videos- she goes VIRAL. Will she fall under the pressure of being a world known 12 year old?


1. October 1, 2014

The evil demon stands there, teaching us about the "wonderful wonders" of vocabulary. Mrs. Silver. Mrs. Silver was the meanest, ugliest, most terrifying 6th grade teacher of them all. She wore her hair in a tight bun, with no fly aways. I personally think that it is so tight that it makes her brain malfunction and she was at one time an actually kind of human person- but we can only hope. She continues to blab on and on, while I daze off and off, the usual. I mean she won't stop saying,

"Brynnlee, you should really start listening in school more! You will need to know this stuff in the real world."


Right, because when you're shopping at the grocery store you're going to need to know how to spell, "encyclopedia". I mean really.

" Alright pupils, you're homework tonight is to write a 2 page article around the topic of why kids today should not be watching television, and should be working on school instead. It must include 18 of our spelling words. I expect it to be on my desk in a perfect stack by 8:01, no sooner, no later."

Jeez. Somebody's still living in the 1960's. 

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