Soralclaw is a new warrior of Featherclan. Her happiness is almost complete when she discovers the death of her father, Cloudstar. A pack of rogues and wolves combined together have planned to take over the forest. Some warriors from Birchclan, Rockclan and Nightclan have decided to join the group of rogues. One of them is her friend, Tigerroar. Time is running out for the clan's decision for survival. Will they face the pack, or surrender and join them. If they do, it will be the last of the clans. Most of all, how will they trust of what's left of the clans?


5. The truth

          Soralclaw woke up in the warriors den. She was in a different nest. Now she remembered. Ever since Brambleheart told her she wasn't clan born, she stopped sleeping next to him. What was he thinking?

        She walked out of the den to see Thornbristle, there deputy waiting for her to come out. "Good morning Soralclaw. I need you to lead a hunting patrol. Take who ever you want. But don't go near the badger's den. The apprentices will have there warrior assessments." He said to her. Soralclaw yawned. "Ok. We do need the prey don't we?" She said, not expecting an answer.

         Soralclaw scanned the crowd. Icestrom was heading to the nursery's den. Whitecloud was sitting in the Sandy Hollow and Eaglesoar just walked out of the warriors den. "Hey, Eaglesoar. Do you want to go hunting with me?" Soralclaw asked her. "Oh, sure. I could sure use some claw stretching." She said as she followed Soralclaw to the Sandy Hollow. "Whitecloud. Could you join us for a hunting patrol? I am leading it." She asked him. "What? Oh yes." He got up instantly and followed Soraclaw out of the camp. 

         "We are going to the Deep Oaks. Hopefully we could catch some rabbits and squirrels there." Soraclaw said to them. They both nodded. The Deep Oaks was the best place to hunt. It's most likely a closed space of very old oak trees where there is lots if shade and protection for prey. They go there a lot.

          "Eaglesoar, go to the High Rocks. Be careful where you put your paws. I heard Thornbristle say there are adders there. Whitecloud, why don't you go near the thorn patch. Last time I was there, there were lots of rabbits. I will go to the oaks. Meet back here by mid point." Soraclaw announced her orders. The two cats nodded and headed there directions. Thornbristle trusted her for leading hunting patrols she knew were the right places to hunt. She even saved Winterstream and her kits from starving once. 

           Soraclaw scanned the trees for birds. She didn't even have to look up for a long time because she knew there were birds on this one tree. The bark was rough, so she could have a good grip on it. She climbed to the nearest branch to get a better look. Sure enough, there were ravens every where. Many were on the branch to the other side. 

         Soraclaw crept to that branch. It was higher, but it was not a challenge. The ravens had there backs on her still cawing. Before one could sound the alarm, Soralclaw leaped to the nearest raven and knocked it from the tree. Her claws raked across its neck. She was sure of was dad while it fell. The ravens fluttered there wings and beat them towards her. The cawing was very loud. Soralclaw swept her paw straight across, feeling what she hit. Three ravens. One more swipe and she would be done. The ravens clawed weakly at her fur. She bite the nearest one one the wing and swiped her paw once more. She must have gotten two. That could be enough, the ravens scattered when she hissed and she was alone at once. She thought her hissing scared them away, but she looked around.

           There, sitting right on the lowest branch of the tree was a dappled massive cat. The one she fought three moons ago. "You..." She shouted. The cat didn't even flinch. "That was impressive. I am proud that my daughter can hunt like the rest of them." He said calmly. "You killed my parents. Why would I accept your praise?" She snapped at him. Her anger still raging ever since Cloudstar's death.

        The cat growled. "You are surely not like your brother, Soral. You must know the truth. Cloudstar is not your father. I am." He spat. Soralclaw calmed down at once. Did he just call her...Soral? Brambleheart mentioned that to her. "You...you're my....my father?" She stuttered. Was he right all along? That she was not clan born? "I would be glad to tell the story. But this may not be the time." He said calmly. "Are you crazy? You know you attacked our camp. Now you must pay." She said to him, sweating to herself that she would tell the clan this. 

        The rogue seems like he ignored her threat. "Please Soral. If you want to know the truth, you must meet me here at midnight. I promise you, no harm will come to your clan for now." He said, looking down at his paws. "What do you mean 'not now?'" Soraclaw asked him. 

        "I will explain tonight. Please promise me you will come. I promise I will be alone. Please be the same for yourself." He said and he jumped down from the tree and ran off.


          Soraclaw padded near the entrance. She was eager to hear what the rogue has to say. The truth must she say. "Soralclaw? What are you doing out her tonight?" A voice caught her attention. It was Skyfur guarding the entrance. "Oh...I uh....just needed some air. Just some time alone." She said, not knowing what would make her go out. "Well...ok. It's your business, I won't ask. But come back soon ok? If I don't see you when I see the sun, I will send a patrol to find you." He said. "Thanks." 

          Soraclaw walked to the Deep Oaks. When she found the tree, she sat and waited. Moments later, she heard the sound of heavy paw steps. The rogue appeared once again. Soraclaw braced herself, in case he would jump at her. "Good, you came. I was starting to worry." He said. She did not answer. "I uh...I hope you don't mind long stories." He said, looking sideways. "I don't, but make it before the sun shows. I almost got caught out of camp." She said to him.

         "Alright, where shall I start? Oh, yes. Do you ever wander why your eyes are more red then blue?" He asked her to start off with. Soraclaw wondered. It was true. Her eyes were more red then blue. "That is because your special. You..you hold a certain....power. That no cat can ever hold. I don't know if you have noticed your back healing after the battle so quickly. I am sorry about that, but if you didn't have this power, those thorns would have paralyzed yup, or possibly could have killed you. But it didn't." Soralcaw's eyes widened. She had a power? "So you....know what my power is?" She asked him.

         "Yes. Your power...it is very dangerous. Your claws can fire up without burning them, your tail can a also burst into flames and...you have wings. Fire wings. You are obviously an Element Warrior. You have gotten that from your mother. She was a great cat. Her power was wind. You got the redness of tour eyes from her. Even the pelt. But you have long legs and the same shaped ears like I do." He said. "Well, if I have this power, then why have I not seen it?" She asked him.

        "That is because I have not trained you. I never had the time to. Your power was so dangerous that cats thought you would kill them without knowing it. They have decided to kill you. That was how I lost your mother. She died protecting you. That is why you are here. I have brought you here." He explained and took a breath. "Python is the leader of my group, the Auraldine.  That is where I am from. Soral...you place is not with the clans. You could hurt someone without knowing it. Only I know how to train you. The clans are weak. I am impressed by what they taught you, but in the Auraldine, we live as one. I have protected you Soral, would you join us?" He asked her

        Soraclaw was speechless. all along, her mother given her powers?  And she didn't know it? How couldn't she have. "But the clans are also one in three. Why should I join you?" She asked him, looking forward to the answer. "You brother, Chran, has decided to join us because we were strong. What makes us even strong is that we have allied wolves. They have joined us. Python is planning. On attacking the clans for there now good. They just don't realize that living in three is just making rivals. Together, we will have no rivals. I am asking you to join us to protect you. The clans should end one day you know, I don't want you to die by us Soral, I want to protect you. Will you join us? I have protected you once, I can protect you again. Python knows of your powers and he is willing to take you in. You will be blessed and feared."

        Soraclaw just starred at him. So she was not clan born. What should she do? He has protected her from getting killed, he is doing the same thing. "You don't have to give me your answer tonight. You have two nights to decide. Give me your decision at the pointed rocks by the second night." He said and ran off. Soraclaw wasp just starring at the tree now. Wait, in row nights, it will bathe next gathering. Pointed rocks, did he know where they meet every gathering? Soralclaw looked up. The moon was still high. She must return to camp.



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