Soralclaw is a new warrior of Featherclan. Her happiness is almost complete when she discovers the death of her father, Cloudstar. A pack of rogues and wolves combined together have planned to take over the forest. Some warriors from Birchclan, Rockclan and Nightclan have decided to join the group of rogues. One of them is her friend, Tigerroar. Time is running out for the clan's decision for survival. Will they face the pack, or surrender and join them. If they do, it will be the last of the clans. Most of all, how will they trust of what's left of the clans?


6. The gathering

          Soraclaw followed her clan mates to the High Rocks for the gathering. The moon lit full and bright. Stonestar, their leader, lead his cats. Brambleheart was behind her. She had to make things right for him. She felt very sorry for snapping at him. She wanted to do that now., but it was the gathering. Besides, her real father, the rogue told her to meet her there. But why here? Why now? She still hadn't made her mind yet.  

         It was strange though, he never told her his name. Did he not want her to know until tonight? She worried what the other clan cats will see and think when they see him. 

      When they made it to the High Rocks,  Leafstar, leader of Rockclan stood on the rock at the moment he saw Stonestar. "Good evening Leafstar. How is your clan?" He asks her as he leaped up on the rock. "Not bad, just normal, but I have some strange news. I will tell-oh, there is Shadowstar." She looked away from Stonestar at Shadowstar, a black-striped she-cat walked up to the rock. Her clan followed her. 

        "Well, both clans are here now. Now we can chat for a while." I voice whispered behind her. She turned to see Tigerroar behind her sitting down. Soraclaw laughed. "Well, we all know  Oakclan is always late because of what they have to go through." She replied to him, sounding wise on purpose. Tigerroar gave a long, silent pur. 

         Soralclaw looked around for her father, the rogue. No sign of him, but there were interesting scents that didn't smell right, as if there is trouble. "Do...do you smell that?" She asks Tigerroar. "Now that you mention it, I do...let's not worry about it though, the leaders and the clans would have been alert. Besides. There are cats behind us." He said. He was right, there were cats behind them. "They are elders. Their senses are giving up on them, we can't expect them to catch anything." She said to him, quietly ow they didn't hear her. "Well, I guess not." He said. He then looked at the leaders.

        "We are ready to announce our news. If we may please have your attention." Leafstar rose his voice. The clans were silent at once. All eyes gazed up. "I will start first. We-" "I will start first, thank you Leafstar." Shadowstar jumped in front of him, interrupting him. Leafstar gave a low growl, but didn't snarl. "If that is your wish, Shadowstar. Your news must be more important then mine. Go on." He said, then muttering something Soraclaw did not catch.


         "Thank you. I am please to announce for first that we have new warriors, Raventail, Ciderwing and Firefur." She said. Only a few cats cheered for them. Soralclaw was silent as well as Tigerroar. Shadowstar didn't even seem to care about who cheered for what.

         "Yes, yes. Now I must get to something more important. Something that concerns...all the clans." Her voice was deep. All the clans spoke to eachother, wondering what she ment by concerning all the clans. "Silence. Allow me to explain." Her voice rose. The clans stopped muttering at once, and starred at her, wanting an explanation. "And, what do you mean by concerning all the clans, Shadowstar? Could you kindly explain?" Stonestar said to her.

          "Gladly. There has been some...some change. He could explain more when he arrives, but this is all I have. We-" "He? Who's he?" Leafstar asked. Shadowstar looked at him, then straight ahead of her, looking at the trees. She gave a nod. Wondering what she was looking or nodding at, Soraclaw started to panic. That was when she heard a long, low howl. It sounded like...like. "Wolves. I hear wolves." Someone shouted. Turns out, the strange scents became stronger. They were wolves. But she didn't see any. 

         She heard the sound of heavy paw steps running towards them. Soralclaw got up instantly. The first thing she saw was a large, black cat. His amber eyes shown very clear. Beside him was the cat who claims to be her father. Soralclaw shot up instantly. "What-What is the meaning of this? Shadowstar?" Leafstar seemed to have struggled for words.

         Everyone got up when more figures began to appear. Some of them were wolves. One by one, it seemed like this was going on forever. Tigerroar did not look surprised at all. Instead, he was rather looking happy they came. "what the hell?" Soralclaw said to him. He looked at her. "you'll see." he said. Soralclaw growled. "You knew this was coming? Are you-one of-them?" she asked him. he blinked and looked back at the strangers.

        When no more appeared, the black cat and her "father" stepped away and walked straight towards the leaders. Everyone made a path. Some hissing, some looking calm. The "father" cat looked at her. She glared back with a speechless expression. What is he playing at? she thought.

       She was more concerned of the black cat. He had an orange strike on his back with the shape of what looked like a symbol. "That's Gorse" Tigerroar whispered. Soralclaw looked at him. "what?" she asked. "the black cat. His name is Gorse. The cat next to him is Sacyr. He told me he was you-" "Don't even." Soralclaw interrupted him, slowly walking away from him. " How could you?" she said to him. He looked confused, then back at Gorse.

     She sat down next to Brambleheart. It felt weird, but he seemed to be the only cat she could trust. "Do you know them?" he asked her. Soralclaw sighed. He was trembling. "that dappled cat, I saw him at the battle where Cloustar died. He.." She didn't want to finish. she watched as the two rogue cats walked and leaped into the Great Rocks. Two of the Three leaders bristled and stood in the way. "Who are you? Why have you come here?" Leafstar yelled, hissing and arching his back. His grey fur stood high in end.

     The black cat, Gorse, stopped in front of the High Rocks, then looked at the leaders. "I am pleases to be here tonight on this fine moon. I thought it was a good time to meet all three clans, since this is supposed to be a moment of peace, am I right?" he said. his voice was calm and arrogant. "Wha-how dare you? using this time to your own advantage." The deputy of Rockclan, Brightfire, stood up and shouted, her white, patched fur stood out from the crowd. Gorse looked at her direction. he mumbled something, then leaped at one of the lowest rocks. Leafstar and Stonestar hisses, bristling but did not move. "Shadowstar, what is the meaning of this?" Stonestar asked Shadowstar. she ignored him and leaped down to join Gorse. Sacyr joined with them as well.

      "If I may speak, I will do so." Gorse said, looking up at the other leaders. One of them sent a low growl, then Leafstar exclaimed "do as you with. this had better be a good explanation." He said, mumbling something. Stonestar showed no sign of interest, but kept quiet. 

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