Soralclaw is a new warrior of Featherclan. Her happiness is almost complete when she discovers the death of her father, Cloudstar. A pack of rogues and wolves combined together have planned to take over the forest. Some warriors from Birchclan, Rockclan and Nightclan have decided to join the group of rogues. One of them is her friend, Tigerroar. Time is running out for the clan's decision for survival. Will they face the pack, or surrender and join them. If they do, it will be the last of the clans. Most of all, how will they trust of what's left of the clans?


3. The first patrol

          It was the day after vigil when Soralclaw woke up in the warriors den. She no longer slept in the apprentices den. She felt like she belonged in the clan now. She was happy to be in the warriors den. Brambleheart slept beside her. His brown and black pelt heaving up and down as a slept. Be no longer snored like he usually did.

          The den was almost empty. Only a few warriors were left. Her, Brambleheart, Silvertail, Winterstream and Icestrom. Soralclaw got up and walked out to the fresh kill pile. She spotted Tigerpaw with his mentor, Frostfoot. They both walked out to the entrance. Soralclaw picked up a raven and ate it. Almost everyone was gone on patrol or out training. The rest of them guarded the camp. But tonight will be even better. Cloudstar will announce her and Brambleheart at the gathering. 

            When she finished her raven, she walked to the Sandy Hollow to rest in the sun. The sand felt warm on her black and orange pelt. She rolled and just enjoyed her time. This is life of a warrior just chilling out she thought. She didn't have to worry about Thornbristle always telling her what to do. Now it is up to the deputy and leader to decide what she must do. 

             That was when Soralclaw caught a scent. A very unfamiliar scent.She topped rolling and got up instantly. The scent smelled like a mixture of rogues and...Blood. Soralcaw gasped when she heard the sound of cats fighting. Se could smell her clan instantly. A patrol was under attack. Soralclaw ran as fast as she could to the battle. She stopped short when she caught a glimpse of her father, Cloudstar fighting a huge dappled rogue. The rogue pinned Cloudstar to the ground and starting biting his neck. "No." Soralclaw shouted. She sprinted towards the rogue. The rogue stopped and looked at her as she launched herself at him. He looked at her like he recognized her. 

           Soralclaw rapped her paws around his neck and clawed at his stomach. At first, she felt her claws and paws at him, the next moment, she felt nothing. Soralclaw found herself flying and crashing to the ground. What just happened? Did that cat suddenly disappear? The rogue came back and pinned her to the ground with his enormous paw right in her chest. His eyes looked sorrowful and at the same time looked like he wanted to kill her. His green eyes gazed at her. "I

could kill you right at this spot." He said and looked at Cloudstar. His body laying motionless with blood pouring down. Soralclaw growled at the rogue. "To ahead then, if your that strong to kill my father." She spat and struggle, but his paw held her down. 

            The rogue blinked "if only you weren't my daughter, Soral." The rogue said calmly and let to of her. When he backed away, Soralclaw launched herself at him. But before she could evendig a claw on him, he swung his massive paw and hit her hard enough to send her flying and crashing into a tree. Pain stabbed her back when she realized what she just hit when she 

slowly fell down. She hit a patch of thorns that grew on the tree. She could feel blood trickle down her fur. She was in to much pain to defend herself. The rogue walked towards her, his long, flexed claws. "You shouldn't do that to your father. You are weak. I am surprised to see how much you have grown. Ever since you we're a kit, you have been useless to me unlike your brother." He growled quietly. 

         Soralclaw just looked at him. What was he talking about? He is not her father, Cloudstar is. Unless...she does look somewhat like the rogue. Ad by brother, does he mean Brambleheart? just like that, Soralclaw heard a chorus of hisses as more patrols came and attacked the rogues. Brambleheart was with them. He looked at Cloudstar's body. "Oh, no." He growled as he attacked the nearest rogue. Soralclaw struggled to get up, but the rogue was still there and the pain was strong. The rogue looked back from Brambleheart. "This will not be over, Soral. We will meet again." He growled and trotted to the edge of the battle. "My allies, retreat." He yelled. The rogues ran off instantly. The battle was over as Soralclaw knew it, and only three cats died.







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