Soralclaw is a new warrior of Featherclan. Her happiness is almost complete when she discovers the death of her father, Cloudstar. A pack of rogues and wolves combined together have planned to take over the forest. Some warriors from Birchclan, Rockclan and Nightclan have decided to join the group of rogues. One of them is her friend, Tigerroar. Time is running out for the clan's decision for survival. Will they face the pack, or surrender and join them. If they do, it will be the last of the clans. Most of all, how will they trust of what's left of the clans?


2. The ceremony

          Soralpaw was full of excitement. Today was going to be her warrior ceremony. Her and her brother, Bramblepaw were going to be warriors today. They didn't have to train anymore. Soralpaw walked to the apprentices den to wake the others. "Tigerpaw, Rosepaw, get up! The ceremony will be held soon." The two apprentices sprang up instantly.

           "Does it have to be today? Why can't it be tomorrow?" Tigerpaw whined purposely. Soralpaw rolled her eyes. "Quit complaining. Just be glad we don't have to train together." She joked. "Why, you." Tigerpaw launched himself and crashed into Soralpaw, knocking the breath out of her. He pinned her to the ground. "We'll see about that." He said. Soralpaw closed her eyes and swiped her hind leg across Tigerpaw's legs, tripping him. A shadow fell over the two. Soralpaw looked up to see her mentor, Thornbristle looking down at her. "Soralpaw, don't tackle your clan mates. You know better then that." He said smoothly.

            Tigerpaw got off her and sat down. "We were just having fun, Thornbristle. You know, old times until she is a warrior." Tigerpaw said joyfully. They have been best friends since Tigerpaw opened his eyes. He was born three moons before her. They both played the same games from kits to apprentices. Now that will end once she is a warrior. 

           "Let all cats old enough to catch their own pray, gather below the Great Rock." Cloudstar's voice rose and all cats lifted their ears. Everyone gathered below the great rock. "We are here today because we have two new warriors among us today. Bramblepaw and Soralpaw, come up here." Soralpaw leaped 

           "Icestorm, you have trained Bramblepaw well. You have taught her what it means to be a great hunter, she will serve our clan well. We thank you." Cloudstar said to Icestorm. Icestorm nodded. "Bramblepaw, you have shown great skill for Featherclan. Do you promise to uphold the

warrior code and protect your clan, even at all costs?" He asked. Bramblepaw. "I do." He squeaked. "Then by the powers of Starclan, I give you your warrior name. Bramblepaw, from

now on, you shall be know as Brambleheart. Starclan approves your choses as a warrior. Soralpaw." Soralpaw stepped forward. More excited then ever. "Thornbristle, you have trained

this apprentice a worthy fighter and taught her the loyalties of the clan. Featherclan thanks your for your service." Thornbristle nods. "Soralpaw, do your promise to uphold the warrior code and protect your clan? Even at all costs?" Soralpaw wanted to scream out, but she knew her manners. "I do." She said bravely. "Then By the powers of Starclan. I give you your warrior

name. Soralpaw, from now on, you shall be known as Soralclaw. Starclan honors your choice as a warrior. Brambleheart and Soralclaw, serve your clan well." Cloudstar said. "We will." The warriors said together. 











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