Soralclaw is a new warrior of Featherclan. Her happiness is almost complete when she discovers the death of her father, Cloudstar. A pack of rogues and wolves combined together have planned to take over the forest. Some warriors from Birchclan, Rockclan and Nightclan have decided to join the group of rogues. One of them is her friend, Tigerroar. Time is running out for the clan's decision for survival. Will they face the pack, or surrender and join them. If they do, it will be the last of the clans. Most of all, how will they trust of what's left of the clans?


1. Prologue

        The moon was high and the forest was filled with the noise of night bugs and animals. A cat walks through the forest. His silver black fur gleams as if his coat was white by the moonlight. He stops and sits down. Another cat appears. Quit taller and stronger then him. "What took you so long? I was waiting her all day. The others have left." He said in an angry voice. His black fur bristled, showing large looking spikes along his spine.

        The silver cat looked sorry. "I am sorry. The leader put much of a fight back there. I had to get him out here alone." He curled his bushy take around his front paws looking down. The black cat growled. "Your saying you dialed to kill him?" He said in a harsh and angry voice. The silver cat closed his eyes. "It is not the first time I have failed you, Olie. It may not be the last. Ever since he became leader, the clan has gotten stronger." The cat was afraid to admit his weakness. 

        Olie hissed. "You will fail me for the last time this night. I swear it to you, if you fail me once again, I will rip your throat." Olie unsheathed his claws. The cat jumped up and backed away. "Don't be too harsh on me, Olie. You know what I am." He said, sounding smart. Olie growled. "I am very aware of what you are. But you know what I am as well. I will let you go tonight, but don't return until he is dead." He said out loud. The cat bowed. "Yes, father. He will be done in no time." He said and ran off. "I would like to be sure of that." Olie muttered and walked away.

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