The divided

Nago or Fago which are you? That is exactly what the kingdoms are thinking when they are worried about their kids falling in love with eachother


3. What to do

My head maid ran in and started wiping my face off. Mother was very sick right now and couldn't take care of me but she some how made her way to my room to ask if I was ok. I nodded and had Lizzie,my head maid,take her back to my room to leave me to my thoughts. I had never thought about a Nago much less dream about one but what could it mean. I decided to go down to the royal library to rid my mind of the Nagos. When I entered my father was in there reading a book from years ago called the Great Gatsby. It was his favorite but I had never had the courage or energy to read it. Instead I grabbed my favorite book, Tigers Curse, and sat down in the hammock. I read the book all the way through and sat it down on the table.

"E= Father can I ask you something

F= Of course

E= I had a dream about someone I have never met what can that mean?

F= Maybe he is a true love figure

E= I hope not he was a Nago


E= That is why I said I hope not I can't possibly dream about a Nago they are our enemies

F= Just don't worry about it you have your mind made up and a good mind made up at that I could never dream of you marrying a Nago besides if you did our kingdom would fall and leave nothing but Nagos

E= I understand goodnight Father

F= Goodnight and sleep well we will have suitors visit the castle tomorrow"

Father is very sure that I will be chosen Fago on the test of future. I hope I do if not our kingdom will fall. Everyone knows they royal family should at least have two children but with mother sick she can not have any at the moment and my test is tomorrow before the suitors come and with me being a royal tomorrow is a huge day. The Nagos spent two days partying when prince Jack got Nago. I am so scared if I choose Nago I have to leave my family and our kingdom may fall.

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