The divided

Nago or Fago which are you? That is exactly what the kingdoms are thinking when they are worried about their kids falling in love with eachother


4. the meeting

Today is important for me and my people. Their princess is making a huge decision. My limo pulled up the the future building that sits in the middle of the borders. One entrance on both sides. As I walked in I sat down on a chair. They gave me a pill. I could see in a mirror my eyes were changing from Fago to Nago to Fago again,this happened till my eyes landed and stayed on Fago everyone started to cheer. I didn't have to leave home. After the test we had to have a meeting with the other kingdom as a tradition that our two lands still had peace. I really didn't like the prince. Yes I have never meet him or talked to him but I have read the gossip about him and he is just not someone I see myself talking to. We arrived back home to get me ready for the meeting. As tradition I wore my kingdoms colors,purple and yellow. My stylist went with down curly hair with a clip that had been passed down in my family for years. We had to go through suitor first before they meeting. I told father I didn't really like any of them and he agreed. Mother wouldn't be joining us due to her illness. The minute I get married is when mother can leave to a rehab place to properly take care of her. I would have to go alone with my father while the other king had a date and both parents there. We left after farewells to my mother. We left to meet his royal stubbornness. After a 30 minute drive we arrived at the building where I will make treaty's and meetings and agreements between our two country's. It was all exciting and nerve racking. He walked in to be greeted by the Nago queen and king. The queen was very nice to be exacted she used to be Fago and my mothers closest friend. When she took the test her fate was changed and she married the king but stayed in touch with my mother. She hugged me and wished for my mothers returning health soon. She also congratulated me on my test. The king was nice but had that humor that you didn't know if they were kidding or not. Then the prince ran in late with no date I turned to meet eye to eye with him and I was shocked to what I saw. It was him it was the boy from my dream. What shocked me even more was he stopped dead in his tracks and said,"It's you".

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