The divided

Nago or Fago which are you? That is exactly what the kingdoms are thinking when they are worried about their kids falling in love with eachother


2. Meeting him

I was walking around the wall that divided our kingdoms. On our side,the Fago side, I heard a noise and I went to check it. When I saw him standing there my heart started to skip beats. He had sunglasses on. He was tall and muscular and handsome. I was just hiding when my foot hit a twig. He turned in my direction and said," Who is there". I came out of my hiding place. He just stared at me. He said,"Hi I mean no harm". I smiled and laughed. He smiled and said,"your pretty". I smiled and said,"Do you always flirt with girls you just meet". He said,"no just you". I started blushing. We sat on the ground. "I'm sorry if I scared you",I said."No you didn't I just had to get way from my father and mother",he said. "They want me to marry this girl and I don't even like her she is stupid and mean" "do you believe in love at first sight" he said." Yes do you?",I said. He said," What are you",and I said," I will remove my glasses if you remove yours". He nodded and we removed them both at the same time I was shocked. I was a Fago and he was a Nago . I ran and I could hear him behind me. Just when I thought I got away I tripped and fell. He walked up to me. I woke up frightened. It was all just a dream but it felt so really. Could it be real or just a very realistic dream?

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