The divided

Nago or Fago which are you? That is exactly what the kingdoms are thinking when they are worried about their kids falling in love with eachother


1. Intro

There was once a country called U.S.A. They were governed by a president. One day two ships showed up. One was filled with beings with purple eyes and a yellow plus sign in the center,they were called Fagos. The other was filled with blue eyes and a lime green negative sign in the center,the were called Nagos. They wanted to take over but when we refused the country went into war. After 7 years of fighting the U.S.A lost and the country was forced to take a test called the test of future. If you were smart and outgoing you went to the Fagos. If you were athletic and headstrong you were a Nago. To avoid any more wars they divided the country and gave each side a king and queen. From the middle to the east coast was the Fago. Their king was James and their queen was Helen. They gave birth to a princess named Elsa. From the middle to the west coast was the Nago. Their king was Alexander and their queen was Rachelle. The gave birth to a prince named Jack. Each year they test every 16 year old in each kingdom. If you change from what you are you go to live on the opposite side if not you stay. If you choose neither you are sent to die. Prince Jack has already taken it since he is 17. Princess Elsa must take it this year. Once a royal child has taken it they must find a queen or king and they take over the throne.

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