Psychotic // 5sos fanfic

"I didn't kill him, I might have pushed him to the limit where he killed himself.”


1. Prologue

Lauren voulenteers at Radley Mental Institution during the summer and meets and slowly falls inlove with ashton irwin she has no idea that ashton has been amitted for being convicted with the murder of luke hemmings his ex best-friend. 



The words were coming out of my mouth like it meant nothing. They were harsh. But, in my defence I was standing up for myself. I had no idea that Luke was willing to take his life. I watched him with my own eyes, he took the gun that was lying on the bed. 'He isn't going to do anything.' I told myself. By now, I wished that the gun I gave him never existed. Before I had the time to try and stop him, it was too late. The loud BANG echoed through the hallow halls, as Luke crashed to the ground. I kept telling myself that he deserved his life to be gone, but I knew it wasn't right. He may have slept with my girlfriend, but was that enough for me to push him to the edge? I kneeled over his body, sitting in a pool of blood. His eyes were open but still, I couldn't do anything now… I just made someone kill themselves over something that could've been soulved without the result of suicide.    



It was all over the news, the murder of my best friends friend Luke. It was heartbreaking, I may have only met him a few times but it's really sad knowing that someone you did get along with died. Calum stared at the TV, eyes wide. I knew that he was beyond upset. Can you blame him? Luke was pretty well known in Sydney for his talent and good deeds. I think everyone is pretty sad that he's gone. The one thing that boils my blood is knowing that someone shot him, someone had the guts to take someones life. They killed someone that people adored. Now, well they pay the price…



Authors Note:
Thank you to LemmoHemmo on Movellas for helping me with this, would of been impossible to start this story with out her!

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