Psychotic // 5sos fanfic

"I didn't kill him, I might have pushed him to the limit where he killed himself.”


4. love at first sight

I wake up and try to look around, I can barely see. My vision is blurred but I can see a slim figure, 
"whos there?" I say.

The figure gets closer, I blink repeatedly to try and get my vision to go back to normal it worked. In that moment I fell in love with some random girl it was like I got blinded by her beauty, I sit up and ask who she is.

"I'm Laura, and you must be ashton from the asylum?" she replied
I nod. "Thats me, how do you know me?"
"Im one of the volunteer at the asylum and I heard about what happened to you, I feel so terrible and I want to help you."
"Why do would someone like you want to help me? I mean you
absolutely stunning"She blushes and looks down at her faded black, ragged converse.

"Thank you, but Im really not."
"You are, but back to why you want to help me.."
"Oh right, well you see I don't have many friends and I feel like you're a good person despite others speculations. Basically what I'm trying to say is I think we could have a great friendship."
"Do you think... I killed him?"
"I don't really know you but you don't seem like the type of person would do that."

I start to tear up I cover my eyes with my hands, I don't want Laura to see me crying. 
She sits on my hospital bed and grabs me around the back of neck and hugs me, she removed my hands from my face and wiped my eyes with a tissue. I've fallen in love with her even more, she's everything I want in a girlfriend. She's caring, beautiful and so kind.. She's just perfect. 

She looks into my eyes and moves closer, I grab her waist and pull her even closer. We both lean in for a kiss but the nurse walks in, Laura quickly removed my hands from her waist, gathers her things, apologises and rushes out the door.
Will she be back again?


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