Psychotic // 5sos fanfic

"I didn't kill him, I might have pushed him to the limit where he killed himself.”


2. I'm not as crazy as everyone thinks I am


I couldn't believe it, they thought I actually did it. My family and my friends that surround me think I'm a monster, although I couldn't blame them because it did look like I killed him. But I didn't kill him, I might have pushed him to the limit where he killed himself. 


As I walked through the gates of Roosevelt Asylum the atmosphere felt dark, scary and dead. I was going to spend the rest of my days here until I got "better". I've started to feel like I am actually going crazy, how could I do that to someone that meant so much to me? Jealousy was the answer, its terrible thing that can turn the most chilled, relaxed and easy going person into a complete psycho to the point where you cant even recognise them.


It was now time to say my goodbyes, I was leaving my family, belongings and friends forever at this point. The halls where long and dark with cobwebs and thick layers of dust on the ceiling. My room was worse it, all that was in it was an old single bed and dresser with a chair in the corner next to the window. The walls were made out of brick painted a medium grey colour, The single window had a metal grill covering the outside of it, making it impossible to escape along with mouldy white shutter blinds. I was given white sheets, a pillow and a white blanket to make my bed with. 

I'm laying on the bed until I hear a knock at the door, it my supper. The volunteer slides my food through the meal slot, my dinner for tonight is some sort of pasta that looks horrible and un-appatising along with a bottle of water. But I still choose to eat it because I haven't eaten since I arrived, after I've finished eating my poorly cooked meal I put it back on the meal slots table so the kitchen hand or volunteer can collect it. 


I sit down on the cold tiled ground, I start to feel sad and depressed I just want to go home. I wish I could go back in time and make things right with Luke, but I guess this is my life now...


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