Kimberly Cruz is just an ordinary girl. Straight A's, popular, has a quarter back boyfriend. One day she finds out her boyfriend chase is cheating on her with her bestfriend. She becomes furious and wants revenge. One cold night she was crying alone and bumped into the famous Justin bieber, but to the cops he's known as danger. Will they fall in love ? Read to find out !


1. I thought you were different

 " She looks so perfect standing there in my.. " I rolled over and swiped my alarm and took my phone and checked instagram. I saw a picture of my perfect boyfriend chase and smiled once I remembered today was our 3 year anniversary. I got out my boyfriend crop top and put in my leather pants with my converse. I went to the bathroom did my hair, brushed my teeth, did my make up. I grabbed my phone and ran down the stairs and grabbed my coffee and grabbed jacket and went outside and got in my car and drove to school. I walked inside to see my boyfriend chase..,kissing my bestfriend. I dropped my coffee, and tears came out of my eyes and dripped on my face. I sobbed a little bit and they turned their heads. His eyes widened and so did hers. He ran after me but I ran to the back of the school. 

" Kimberly ! Wait baby ! " I ran as fast as I could but he grabbed my arm and turn me and turn me around. I screamed In his " I thought you were different !" And I smacked his face I ran away and sank to the bottom floor. I cried for ever and ever. I got my butt of the ground and got in my sad and drove for miles. I didn't know where I was going but I knew I had to get away. I thought he was different but I guess I was wrong. I should've known. I'm so stupid. What did I do wrong ? I thought it was going good. But I guess he never loved me. 

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