Stole My Heart (Larry Stylinson)

Harry is a popular school jock who is with girls every night and parties heaps. That's until he meets Louis Tomlinson. A quiet and shy boy who is struggling in life. Do Harry and Louis grow closer together, or do they struggle to find a connection?

Warning: Might include sexual scenes and bad language.


2. Chapter 2


Harry and I turned out to have the first two periods together so far...he just turned up late to both.

He would first show me my room that I'd have to go to for my class and walk off, making me think I don't know anyone in my class. Then like 10 minutes later he walks into class with three other guys; Liam, Niall and Zayn.

I don't think they really like me because of the way I dress.

Harry was nice and told then to shut up, but then ruined that by saying that they shouldn't waste their time on picking on a losers clothing. That made my smile drop.

I find Harry really attractive and hot, but he's kind of a dick to people and only cares about himself, girls, football and parties, mainly the ones with alcohol.

I overheard the boys talking about a party coming up on the weekend and how many girls were going and they all were egging Harry on to get with a girl.

Zayn has a girlfriend but Niall and Liam were both having flings with one special girl they picked over everyone else.

However, I never heard them say that Harry is in a relationship.

I wouldn't assume he is though considering he's looking at girls everywhere and his friends are saying what girls he should 'get it on' with at the party.

I just kept staring out the window the whole lesson and eavesdropping on the boys conversation.

Before I knew it the bell went dismissing us from the class.

I grabbed my books and stood up. The weight of my books was weighing my arm down and my grip loosened.

My books dropped on the floor. I leaned down to pick them up and I saw another pair of hands helping.

To my surprise, it was Harry. The same guy who told his friends not to waste their time on a loser.

"Here." He said quietly, handing my books back to me.

"Thanks...I guess." I mumbled, thinking back to him calling me a loser.

He looked at me curiously.

"Why only I guess?"

I knew I shouldn't of added that at the end but it just slipped out.

"S-sorry, I meant just than-nks."

Why did I have to stutter! He must really think I'm a loser now!

Just as I went to say goodbye to Harry and walk out, miss Fooks, our history teacher came in.

"Harry, you're in detention! No socialising!"

"But I'm Louis guide. He needs me to help him get around!"

"Harry, stop lying! He can get around himself!"

She rudely replied to Harry and then glared at me, waiting for me to say something or walk out of the room. I decided to talk.

"Actually miss Fooks, I need Harry. He's the only person I really know and he's been a great help so far."

That was probably a bad thing to say because she then made me stay in detention with Harry. In a way, I didn't mind because I got to spend time with Harry.

As time past, we both were finally dismissed.

I walked out of the classroom and stopped at the door when I felt a hand grab my arm.

"Louis, do you have any friends yet?"

I turned around to face him and blushed, thinking about how embarrassed I was to not of made any friends yet.

"No...but I'm sure I will. If you want, I can just find my own way around so you can hang out with Niall and the others." I said and stared at the ground.

I didn't particularly want to be left alone but I knew he wanted to just be away from me.

"Ok..." Harry quietly spoke.

When I looked back up, Harry was gone. Fuck!


I felt bad about leaving Louis on his own, but he needs to be independent and make some friends.

Oh, no! I did not just sound like a softy! I've spoken to the guy...what twice, and his already doing this to me! Fuck!

I walked to the cafeteria to get a drink and then met up with the boys and my other mates on the football field.

Liam and Zayn were kicking a ball to each other and to the goals, whilst Niall found someone to make out with. Typical of him...

I went and sit with Zayn's girlfriend Perrie. She's really nice, pretty and looks out for anyone she cares about.

Last week Perrie punched a girl because she kept attaching herself to me even though I told the girl to go away. She got scared after that though and won't go near me, or Perrie.

I felt bad for the girl, but she was WAY to clingy for my liking!

The bell went to go to our lockers and get our stuff for class.

As usual, I ignored the bell and proceeded to talk with Liam who was now sitting down and was also texting someone.

I couldn't stop thinking about Louis though...

There was just something about him that made me constantly think of him.

Maybe it was his voice, or his smile, or his eyes, or his hair, or just him in general!

No! Mind, shut up! You're only thinking about Louis constantly because you're suppose to be with him now and you don't want to be!

OMG who am I kidding?! I can't stop thinking about him because I want to be friends with him! Plus, he's so hot and good looking and perfect in every way!

Shit! Right then and there, I decided to get up and get my books from my locker so I could go to class...on time for once!

"I'll see you losers later!" I yelled out.

"Aye, dickhead! Where the fuck are you going!?" Niall yelled.

I just ignored the blonde Irish lad and kept walking.

Niall swears a lot and sometime it gets on my nerves. I don't know why because I always swear...

I arrived to class on time and noticed Louis was sitting in the first row.

As always, I took my seat at the very back of the room. Louis looked at me confused and I just smirked.

The whole class I stared out the window and thought of different ways I could ask Louis if we could be friends.


~the end of the day~

For the last period of the day I had maths and was a loner for majority of the class.

Because I'm clumsy, I dropped my pen and this girl named Perrie picked it up for me and we started talking.

Turns out she wants to be friends with me and hangout at lunches. I've even been lucky enough to be invited to the party on Friday night!

I couldn't be anymore happy with myself right now!

Not only did I make a friend and will make others when I hang out with her...but I've been invited to a party. That never happens! Now all I need is for mum to say yes...


Hey readers, so thank you for the reads. I'd really appreciate it if I could maybe get some comments or feedback of some sort...and can you maybe share my story...?

Thank you! :)

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