Stole My Heart (Larry Stylinson)

Harry is a popular school jock who is with girls every night and parties heaps. That's until he meets Louis Tomlinson. A quiet and shy boy who is struggling in life. Do Harry and Louis grow closer together, or do they struggle to find a connection?

Warning: Might include sexual scenes and bad language.


1. Chapter 1


I've never been great with socialising...well that's until I met Niall Horan, my very loud, Irish bestfriend.

Niall and his best mates Liam and Zayn all are popular and play on the football team. I distinctly remember how I became best friends with these idiots too. One day in class, I walked in late and didn't answer the teacher when she's asked why I was late, and at the end of the class they were dying to hang out with me. It started with just sitting next to each other in class, then I met his mates and then it was hanging out on breaks and after school and then eventually was convinced to try out for the football team...which I turned out to be pretty good at playing.

From then onwards I've always got my way with everything. I finally have heaps of friends, everyone likes me and wants to be like me, I get invites to parties almost everyday/night, I walk in late all the time to classes and now the teachers just give up on me and pretend I walked in earlier and the best part is every girl in the school wants to hook up with me! I don't think there has been a night that goes by in like two years were I haven't either hooked up at a party or brought a girl home with me. It's great! Although there is one girl who I just can't stand, Eleanor.

She's such a slut! She wears the most ugliest things, short skirts that make her look like she might as well not wear anything, she try's too hard and has a cake face. I like girls who don't try so hard, are hot, somewhat natural looking and aren't clingy...the last one is the most important one. I only do one night stands! Eleanor is WAY too clingy and wants me to be her boyfriend. I haven't had a girlfriend in five years.

An announcement came over the loud speaker and brought me back to reality.

"Harry Styles, can you please report to the main office", the lady said.

I made my way over to the office, wondering why I was called there.

When I got there I then got shifted to the principle's office. I knocked and within a second there was a quiet response telling me I could enter.

"Ah, Mr Styles you made it, please, take a seat." He said gesturing to the seat opposite him at his desk.

"What's up Mr Reed?"

"So Harry, I have noticed your social skills are through the roof. We have a new student starting on Monday and I would like you to be a good person and put those socialising skills to work. Make a he feels comfortable at this school, make sure he knows where his classes are..." He kept rambling on for a while until he asked if I could do it.

Before I knew it, I had already said yes and was being pushed out the door. This can not be happening!

I now am babysitting some new, ugly douchbag named something along the lines of Lewis...great!



"Rise and shine, sweetheart!" I heard a soft woman's voice say.

"Argh! Mum, go away and just let me sleep!" I mumbled back, burying my head under my pillow.

"No, it's Monday today. You don't want to be late for your first day of your new school now, do you!? Now, get up! I want you downstairs in about 15 minutes." I heard mum say before she exited my room, closing the door behind herself.

Well I'm screwed! I just wanna sleep!

I got myself up and had a shower. I like to have my showers hot. Not boiling...but nice and hot.

I just stood under the water for a while. Memories of why I moved back to Doncaster flooded back into my head.

I was actually born in Doncaster but when I was 4, mum and I went on a holiday and stayed in a hotel in Manchester. Mum then met a man named Mark.

She really liked him and a couple of months later we found ourselves moving to live with him in Manchester, leaving everything in Doncaster behind.

Mark and mum got engaged and not long after they had my four troublesome sisters; Lottie, Fizzy and the two twins Phoebe and Daisy.

When I was 12, Mark lost his job and became depressed, drinking away his miseries.

It started off with only a couple of nights of getting drunk and became every night getting drunk.

He would always go out to the bar and when he came back he would always be angry and would fight with mum...yelling and screaming at her for no reason.

Eventually, he started getting so angry that he would beat anyone who got in his anyone who got in his way, I meant anyone he laid eyes on whist he was drunk and in that mood.

I had to start using mums make up to cover up bruises, cuts and scars. They got worse and worse and there were too many to cover in the end and mum didn't have enough money to constantly be buying make up.

I started losing my friends because of everything going on.

I had to reduce spending time with them because I didn't want any of them to get caught up in it.

I then had to lie to them about the bruises. Eventually, I lost every friend I had because they felt that 'I didn't have time for them', so they just left.

I started to get bullied at school because I had bruises and no friends. It got pretty serious and mum clearly decided she had enough and moved away from it all and to start a new life. So that's why I'm back in Doncaster.

I got ready for school and went down stairs to meet my mum and sisters in the kitchen.

"Mmm...something smells amazing! Are you cooking croissants?" I asked mum curiously.

"Yeah, ham and cheese, just how you like it", mum asked.

I gave her a simple nod and sat down at the table waiting for the delicious food to come out.

After breakfast I went upstairs to brush my teeth and do my hair and then I was off.

Of course, I have to walk as mum needed to take the girls to school.

The walk wasn't far at all. I was there, standing at the school gates 10 minutes after I left home.

I didn't know where the office was so I had to ask for directions.

I opened the squeaky door and walked through the passageway.

A lady with straight, blonde, shoulder-length hair smiled at me through the glass.

"Hello! How may I help you today sir?"

She sure did sound polite. I decided I should probably answer her back instead of just standing there frozen.

"H-hi, I'm new to the sc-chool and I haven't got a map or a timetable I able to get them-m?" I asked nervously stuttering a bit.

I wasn't sure if what I said made sense, but I think she got the point as she was still smiling and not looking concussed.

I kinda ramble when I'm nervous. It gets really annoying but I just can't help it.

"Sure, what's you're name lovely?"

"Louis Tomlinson"

"Oh yes! I spoke with your mother on the phone on Friday. Here is your timetable." she said handing me a sheet of paper. "As for a map, you actually don't need one. Your mum was suppose to tell you that you have a guide already. We actually have a student named Harry Styles who is going to be showing you around and helping you with whatever is needed. He should be here any minute now."

And with her finish, the office door swung open to show a tall boy with curly, brown locks and bright, green orbs.

The lady looked towards the door and spoke.

"Ah, speak of the devil!"

The boy and I grew closer and the he came to a stop.

"Louis this is Harry Styles, I guess. Harry this is Louis Tomlinson, the new guy."

I don't know what is was about him, but I couldn't take my eyes off him. He's just so pretty!

Wait what!? I didn't just call him pretty did I!

My thoughts caused me to smile and blush, which then finally got me to look away.


I walked into the office and the office lady was talking to a boy who was quite short and had feathery brown hair.

"Ah, speak of the devil!" The lady said, pointing towards me.

I walked further forwards until I came to a stop in front of the boy.

This must be the new guy. Just as a went to ask, she introduced us.

"Louis this is Harry Styles, I guess. Harry this is Louis Tomlinson, the new guy."

Well that just answered my question.

He looked at me and just stared. I saw his face and I'm pretty sure I even stared. He was really good looking for a new guy.

I though Louis was going to be ugly and a geek or something, but wow...he's hot!

Wait, what!? Shut up mind I'm not gay and I don't like guys in that way!

I'm just jealous of his looks because the girls might want him over me, and that can't happen!

I decided I was staring for too long so I lightly smiled and looked down at the ground.

Why am I now shaking and why are my cheeks hot? Am I blushing?! This can't be happening!


So that was the first chapter. Thank you for any readers so far! I'd really like it if you could maybe give me some feedback as this is my first ever fanfic I've written so I'm not really good at this. Also, can you please let me know if I should continue with this. Other than that, enjoy anymore to come! :)

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