Twitter girl

Leah a typical lover of the band 5SOS unknowingly has gained the interest of Luke Hemmings 5SOS' lead singer through her tweets. They meet in the most difficult of circumstances but, will Leah survive? Does Simon ruin everything? And will Luke end up with his Twitter girl....


36. where could she be?

Luke's POV

"Luke! Why'd you say that?" Asked ash

"Look I know this is a big mess and everything but I don't think any of this is Leah's fault" he protested

"How would you know" I replied glumly

"Because she told me and Michael everything before you two came in" he said slowly

"What do you mean everything ?" I asked curiously

"That she loves you, which you know now anyway and..."

Michaels voice trailed off like there was something he wasn't willing to say

"And!" I snapped

"And well Simons blackmailing Leah to get with grace and well I think he might be out to get her"

"How do you mean?" I asked confused

"Well she said something about him trying to give her more brain damage if she didn't help him win grace over"

I could feel my face turning red, how dare he.

I suddenly remembered how much of a jerk I'd been

"I've just lost my chance haven't i? I didn't give her the chance to explain and it"

I was interrupted by a voice from the microphone

"Pip, pip!" Sam shouted down the line

"Yeah what's up Sam? Pip asked

"They've gone"

"Who's gone? Pip asked as he pulled himself closer to the microphone and we all crowded around

"They took her, she's gone"

I began to panic

"Who took leah?"

I don't know why I was asking I could guess who it was

"Simon and his gang... They hit me and took her"

I knew it!

I began to panic even more, what if he hurts her? He said he would

Everyone in the cabin looked at me, my face had gone white

Sam was still speaking but the words weren't being taken in I just stood, frozen

"What do we do?" Calum

After looking at the ground for a couple of seconds

"We go find her, no question of it"

I looked up to see the guys smiling

"Let's go then"

"But what about LA?" Pip asked quickly as we all rushed out the cabin

I peered my head around the door edge

"Fuck LA" I said laughing

It was still raining, we all ran as fast as we could

Michael burst through the doors first

"Sam are you ok?" We all questioned as we ran up to him

"I'm fine, go find leah" he mumbled in a demanding tone

I got up and ran to the front doors looking for anything, Simon, a car speeding away, just anything

"Grace?" I shouted

"Luke have you seen leah?" She shouted back as she quickly walked towards me pushing her soaked hair from her face

"No um Simons taken her" I said

"He's done what?" She said shocked

"Do you know where he'd have taken her, I think he's going to hurt her"

Her eyes widened


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