Twitter girl

Leah a typical lover of the band 5SOS unknowingly has gained the interest of Luke Hemmings 5SOS' lead singer through her tweets. They meet in the most difficult of circumstances but, will Leah survive? Does Simon ruin everything? And will Luke end up with his Twitter girl....


4. the bus

From Luke's POV

Today's the day, I might meet Leah. This is actually crazy I've never met this girl all I have is her picture and a preview into her personality from what she tweets but just something about her, I don't know just makes my heart jump a little.

I lay and stare into the bottom of Michael's bunk (I'm on the bottom, Michael and ashton got first dibs on the top) I've been awake for the past 4 hours and I haven't been able to sleep, I'm more nervous than usual just the though of her, Leah being in the crowd watching and she doesn't even know that I'm thinking of her.

That's crazy actually I though. She's thinking of the band and probably thinks I don't even know she exists and I do!

"Luke you up?" Came a whisper from above

I pulled back the curtain and Michaels head was hanging over

"Morning man what's up?"

"You ok Luke I heard you get up at like 3 this morning"

"I'm ok I guess, just really nervous"

"About that Leah girl?"

"Yea, she doesn't let on in her tweets who she likes so she might not even like me" that one thought filled me with such sadness. It's like high school all over that one girl you really like yet you hardly know her and you don't even know if she likes you back.

"Dude of course she'll like you"

"Yea but she might not like me like that... And what if she's just pretending"

"You say you read her tweets right?"


"Well what does she seem like?"

"She's great, she never asks for a follow from us she's just always trying to help others get our follow and she's so sweet and kind"

"Then what do you have to be worried about, on that twitter account she can't tell that you're watching she's being completely natural so don't doubt that she'll be that way in person"

"Thanks Michael this means a lot, you're like my wingman except I'm not letting you anywhere near her or you'll tell her all my embarrassing secrets" I said jokingly

"Ah Luke you know me so well" he said laughing

"Morning guys" ashton called cheerfully from the back of the bus

"You guys looking forward to the concert tonight" ash asked looking directly at me

"Yea I am actually" I realised in a happy tone

Thanks to Michael I wasn't really scared about this situation

I got out of my bunk, went and had a shower put on my skinny jeans, nirvana shirt, red flannel top and black vans.

Time to sort out this mop!

"Ok so after breakfast" I paused "well lunch since it's already 12:30 we have a sound check and then we can chill" I asked openly to the others

"Yea, you can go see your girl" cal laughed

"Haha funny Calum"

Have to say lunch was great, always hungry! Now for the sound check

"What song do you want to play"

"I feel like playing bonfire heart"

"Yea sure"

"Days like this lead to, nights like this lead to love like ours you light spark in our bonfire hearts"

"Sounds great" ashton said smiling "time to chill then now"

*buzz buzz

"Is that Leah?" Michael questioned

"Yea it is"

I sat and read her tweet

'@leah5SOS: Sat outside the arena with my bestie, 5sos we're waiting! 💕'

"She's outside" I said slowly

My heart started to race again should I go outside, I should, I don't know

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