Twitter girl

Leah a typical lover of the band 5SOS unknowingly has gained the interest of Luke Hemmings 5SOS' lead singer through her tweets. They meet in the most difficult of circumstances but, will Leah survive? Does Simon ruin everything? And will Luke end up with his Twitter girl....


22. panic attack

Leah's POV

My mind had completely forgotten about Luke and pretending to still be asleep

I couldn't move most of my left side and to say the least I was upset beyond belief

"Leah it'll get better trust me, it's probably because you have a bit of swelling left that's causing the problem"

I could see that grace was frantically trying to come up with some sort of explanation so I wouldn't be upset.

Truth was that no amount of graces hopes and ideas were settling me. I don't think anything could settle me right now

My entire body started shaking, my heart racing and I found myself gasping for air.

Grace slammed the button on the wall, ran to the door and flung it open

"Quick, We need some help in here please!" She shouted

Floods of people came into the room

"Leah, can you hear me"

I could but I couldn't speak I couldn't do anything except struggle for air

I could see grace being shunted out the room and the door slammed closed

The people all seemed to gather at the foot of my bed and glance between themselves occasionally looking at me.

It felt like being in school when a group of people hate you and they're probably talking about you but they do it in the least discreet way possible

"Leah, you're having an extreme panic attack so we're going to put you to sleep for a bit"



From Luke's POV

"hey where did grace go" I asked

"She when back up to the room again" Michael replied

"Oh I see" i could feel myself remember why I was here again


While getting food is started to forget that she was in a bad place

But now it's all come back

"Luke you ok dude" Michael asked

"It was my fault you know"

"Luke I've told you before it wasn't your fault at all"

"But it kind of was, she went to go get drinks because what people were saying to her. The only reason people were saying stuff to her was because I followed her, it leads back to me. It's my fault" I felt awful, I honestly felt like it was my fault

"Luke it's not, if it's anyone's fault it's the guy who tried to steal Leah's bag" Michael replied sharply

"It's all his fault, how could someone do that" Michael said openly in a slightly tense voice

"Michael it's ok don't get upset"

"It is his fault though what a tool"

I'd never seen Michael angry about something like this, I guess it's because I like her so much

"It's ok Michael come on let's carry on back up to the room" I said slinging my arm around Michael shoulders

We decided to take the stairs this time, so much quicker

We got onto Leah's floor and all you could hear were people rushing and a faint beeping sound

We got closer to Leah's room and grace was pushed out the door

"Grace what's happening" I asked quickly

"It's Leah" she cried out

"What? What's happened ? Can we go in?"

"She woke up and um" she hesitated

"She what?" I demanded

"She can't feel or move her left side, she started having a panic attack and couldn't breath or anything"

I could feel my heart racing


I stopped and fell to the floor

At that point floods of doctors and nurses left Leah's room

"She's been put to sleep it was for her own good, she couldn't breath which at a time when her brains been damaged by swelling, it isn't going to help. Besides when you're sleeping it gives your body a chance to recover so it might help her" the nurse informed us

"Ok thank you" Michael replied

"Come on Luke" Calum reached out for my arm and helped pull me up

I was stunned, everything had turned out the opposite of how I wished it would

"Grace? What happened?" Ashton asked

"Well we were taking and she tried lifting her arms but she couldn't and she just freaked out completely so I had to call the nurses to help her. I didn't know what to do" she said as she dropped her head into her hands

I walked over to her and pulled her tight into my arms

"Everything's going to be ok, she'll be ok"

I didn't believe a word of that myself at this point in time but grace needed some if not more support that I did right now

I didn't know what to think

Was Leah going to be ok.

We all walked into Leah's room

She looked so peaceful

Grace sat one side and I the other

I took her hand and held it tightly

Please be ok Leah, I don't think I'd be happy again if your badly hurt but whatever you need I'll be here to help you through it. I think I, I um

"I love you Leah" I whispered

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