Twitter girl

Leah a typical lover of the band 5SOS unknowingly has gained the interest of Luke Hemmings 5SOS' lead singer through her tweets. They meet in the most difficult of circumstances but, will Leah survive? Does Simon ruin everything? And will Luke end up with his Twitter girl....


8. outside

From Luke's POV

"WHY IS THIS TAKING AN ETERNITY!" I shouted loudly into my mic by accident

It echoed through the whole arena

"Luke?" Michael said peering from down the ramp "everything ok?"

"She hasn't even said anything on twitter, maybe she's not bothered"

"Dude it's been like 1minute, give her a chance she might be busy"

"Doing what?"

"How am I supposed to know haha, she might not have heard it or she might have turned off her phone" Michael said confidently

"Come on let's go to the window see if we can spot any happy, really happy people like a certain person who might have just got a follow"

I smiled and followed Michael down the ramp towards the back stairs

You know it's pretty cool being able to walk around an arena with hardly anyone in it

"Ok, here will do" I said

It was a perfect spot to look at fans, it had a tinted window so no one could see us but we could see them

It's literally been 3 minutes since I followed her and nothing but I think I'm just being paranoid or something like that.

A girl In the ground quickly stood up and then her friend did

"Hey look at them" Michael nudged me

We watched as the two girls screamed and jumped around and groups of people started talking to them and they immediately sat down

"Can't be then, they didn't seem that excited"

What if she's not really that bothered

Buzz buzz

My heart stopped it was another tweet

@leah5SOS: Thanks @luke5SOS for this

I looked at the picture it was just my account showing that I followed her

"What she say?"

"Thanks" I said bluntly

"That's all?" Michael questioned

"Yup" I slid down the wall, sat on the floor and stared at Leah's tweet for a second "that's all"

"Oh, I'm sorry Luke"

"I though she might be a bit more excited"

Buzz buzz

Buzz buzz

Two more tweets, did I want to look?

@leah5SOS: Next time when one of 5sos follows me like @luke5SOS just did I'll remember not to get so excited

@leah5SOS: Worst experience to be told you don't deserve it when your favourite member of your favourite band followed you

I stared wide eyed at the tweets

"Michael she was excited"

I pushed my phone into his hands

Michael stared at the screen and looked up at me

"I bet you anything that was them outside, and that's why they immediately sat down. Not because they weren't excited but because what others were saying to her"

A wave of anger fell over me

"I'm going out back I need some air"

As I got up and looked out the window one of the girls was getting up and walking away, I felt so annoyed that fans had been horrible to her for being happy about something I chose to do

I stood outside and looked around, it was empty outside and there was 2 large gates. I walked up to them and checked they were locked so if any fans walked around they couldn't get in. I wasn't in the mood, at all.

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