Twitter girl

Leah a typical lover of the band 5SOS unknowingly has gained the interest of Luke Hemmings 5SOS' lead singer through her tweets. They meet in the most difficult of circumstances but, will Leah survive? Does Simon ruin everything? And will Luke end up with his Twitter girl....


29. notice me

Leah's POV


I could tweet him I though

I felt around in my pockets

"Damn!" I shouted I've left it in the hospital I though and I can't go back now they're just about to leave

I could hear the engine start to roar louder and louder

"I give up, there!" I should up at the sky

The powers that be obviously didn't want us to be together and if they did they could have made it easier

I got up and ran back towards the airport where the security guard stood watching

"What are you doing ?" He yelled as he opened the door to let me back inside

"They can't hear or see me so what's the point now, they're just about to leave anyway"

"Maybe, no, well I could but" he said thinking aloud

"But what?" I asked confused

"I could try radioing the pilot, he's a friend"

My eyes grew wide and I smiles

"Do it quickly please!" I begged

We ran towards the radio tower

"SG to PL" he said clearly into the micro phone

He leaned back towards me

"That's short for pip Leon" he chuckled

"He doesn't like the name so everyone calls him PL"

I smiled as if I knew totally what he was laughing about but in reality I hadn't got a clue

"Hey Sam what's up I'm just about to take off with 5SOS" replied a voice through the speakers

"I have a girl here and she needs to talk to Luke, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important"

"I have to be there at a certain time their-"

I grabbed the microphone from underneath sam

"Look it's important please"

The line went silent for a moment

"I don't know"

From Simons POV

"That little bitch!" I shouted wiping the side of my face which had turned bright red

"I'm going to make he wish she hadn't done that, but how?"

I sat back into the chair in the hospital room


I sat back up quickly to find Leah's bag behind me

I unzipped it slowly and peered inside

"Haha" I laughed to myself

Her phone, what damage can I do with this

I pressed the home button to find there was no lock on it

Simple persons mistake

Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, ah twitter

'Fuck Luke hemmings who needs him when I have Simon' I typed

And tweet

Grace happened to drop out how he had her in tweet notification, he'll never talk to her after that and Leah will have to tell grace to get back with me


"Leah?" Grace walked in

"Simon what the fuck are you doing here, wheres Leah?"

"Ummm" I said as I dropped the phone onto the chair

"I can to say get well and such and she left to find Luke lemmings"

"Hemmings" she shouted

She turned and walked out

"Grace wait"

I took her hand "look babe, baby girl I'm so sorry"

"I'm going to find Leah" she said walking away from me

Luke's POV

Tap tap tap

Trying to get to sleep when you're next to ashton, who's constantly tapping on anything, is like trying to sleep in a tornado. Impossible

"Ash" I said sitting up abruptly

"Yes?" He relied as he turned to face me

"Please stop tapping"

"Sorry I'm bored, why is it taking so long to leave"

"I don't know but tapping isn't going to make us go any faster trust me if it did if be tapping too"

Buzz buzz

I looked at my phone which had lit up

'Fuck Luke hemmings who needs him when I have Simon' I read on my phone slowly

Way to make me feel worse Leah I thought as I locked my phone and closed my eyes again

"I'll be back I'm going to ask the pilot what's taking so long" Michael said

I opened one eye and watched him walk away

I glanced out at the sky and watched the rain fall

"This is such a mess"

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