Twitter girl

Leah a typical lover of the band 5SOS unknowingly has gained the interest of Luke Hemmings 5SOS' lead singer through her tweets. They meet in the most difficult of circumstances but, will Leah survive? Does Simon ruin everything? And will Luke end up with his Twitter girl....


32. listening

Michaels POV

So Aston what are we going to do? I questioned

Ashton stood in the corner looking thoughtfully at the floor

He slowly turned to look at me

"I don't know do we trust Leah"

"well everything that she says seems to add up, I mean luke never really heard her say they went out"

The pilot sat looking concernedly at his watch he turned to look at us and tapped

"it come on guys we need to leave soon, you need to make a decision now"

A wave of panic fell over me, what do I do i thought

I could either let Leah speak to Luke, but she could possibly break his heart all over again and I'm not going to see my friend get hurt or I could stop her from seeing him and it could turn out she was telling the truth

he would never know she actually loved him


We paused all paused

What was that? I asked

"I don't know, I think it came from behind the door" ashton replied

we both swiftly walked over to the door

I opened it quickly to find Callum and Luke crouched with there ear placed against the empty gap where the door was

"Calum! Luke! What are you doing?" I asked shocked

"well umm I'm not going to lie to you guys, we were trying to find out what you are talking about. You seemed really suspicious so we thought we try and hear the conversation"

"Well what did you hear?" I asked nervously

"nothing really the door was too thick to hear anything through we just heard a bunch of mumbles and I swear I heard Leah's name but why would you be talking about her?"

Oh shit I thought

what do I say now? they heard us talking about her not like I can lie

"Leah's on the radio, she wants to talk to you"

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