Twitter girl

Leah a typical lover of the band 5SOS unknowingly has gained the interest of Luke Hemmings 5SOS' lead singer through her tweets. They meet in the most difficult of circumstances but, will Leah survive? Does Simon ruin everything? And will Luke end up with his Twitter girl....


10. Leah

From Luke's POV

"She will be love, she will be loved" I sang to myself

I sighed slowly and looked at the clouds passing through the cold air

"Need some company?"

I turned around and the guys were stood In the door way

"Yes please" I replied dully

Michael sat to my left, cal and ashton walked out after just grabbing the 4 cups left on the side

"Here" Ashton pointed a cup marked Luke in my direction

"Cheers man, what is it?"

"Your favourite of course"

Strawberries and crème were my favourite

"Thanks guys"

"So anything happened?" Cal asked leaning forward to look at me

"Nope, she's left her phone with her friend"

Michael laughed "how do you even know that?"

"Her friends twitter"

"Ohhh right" Michael paused "so wheres she gone to?"

I sat and looked at my Starbucks "to get one of these"

"A Starbucks?" Michael said puzzled

"2 strawberries and crème"

"That's strange as hell" ashton said laughing

"I know right, she's perfect in every way literally. She likes everything I like"

"Man just because some fans were rude isn't going to put her off you, besides you know now she wasn't leaving she was just getting drinks"

"Yea I know, still how am I going to meet her?"

"GOT YOU!" Came a shout

"What was that?"

"Come on let's go look" I whispered

A guy with a bag stopped at the gates for a brief second, looked in our direction dropped the bag and kept running

I ran up to the gate and looked after the guy who was too far away to see anymore, I picked up the bag and opened it

"Hey guys" I waved cal, ash and Mikey over

"There's a purse and tickets to our concert in here"

"Is there a ID in the purse?" Ashton said handing the tickets back to me

"I'll look"

I paused and stared at the ID card

"Well?" They said

"It's um it's Leah's"

"Leah as in twitter Leah?"

"Yea, that guy must have stolen her bag" I said looking at the card

Her ID picture was perfect, even if she wasn't smiling

"Could have sworn it was a girls voice that shouted though?" Calum openly said looking confused

"Yeah me to" I replied slowly

We walked up to the gate

"There's someone on the floor" I said while I pointed in the direction of the girl laying still

Calum ran off and came sprinting back with the keys to the gate

"What If it's a druggy or something"

"Calum" I paused "stop being a wimp"

We walked slowly up to the girl who wasn't moving

"It's leah"

I ran over to her

"Oh my gosh Leah"

She was out of it, her face was red and blue and her skin had gone cold

I picked her up carefully in my arms and carried her inside

"I'll get get help" ashton said as he ran ahead

"Put here in here" Michael opened the door to our dressing room.

I laid her on the couch and put a pillow under her head

I sat on the floor and held her cold hands till the nurse from the hospital came

"Do you mind leaving for a minute Mr Hemmings?"

"I'm yea yea sure, is there anything I can do?"

"Do you know where any of her friends or family are? We might need to take her to hospital"

"Yea I'll go talk to them"

I walked out of the room and look one more look at Leah before closing the door

"Is she ok?" The guys asked

"I don't know, I need to go tell her friend"

I walked outside, the guys came too so I wouldn't be bombarded by everyone. I wandered towards the girl who I saw with Leah earlier

"Hey are you grace?"

She and everyone around her looked in astonishment

"Yea I am"

"Leah's been hurt" I quickly replied in a hushed tone

"What! How?"

"Looks like some guy hit her, come on I'll tell you inside"

I led her inside, we sat and talked. Waiting for them to say anything about how Leah was was like waiting for rain in a drought, it felt like forever and my insides were in constant pain like someone had my heart in their hands

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