Twitter girl

Leah a typical lover of the band 5SOS unknowingly has gained the interest of Luke Hemmings 5SOS' lead singer through her tweets. They meet in the most difficult of circumstances but, will Leah survive? Does Simon ruin everything? And will Luke end up with his Twitter girl....


26. LA

From Luke's POV

"So what actually happened?" Michael asked

"Well this guy came in and yea just seemed to blurt out he was her boyfriend"

"Did you ask Leah about it?" Ashton question

"Well no she was asleep" I said looking out the window of the hotel

Ring ring, ring ring

I picked up my phone, it was jo.

Jo was one of our managers who's responsible for booking the concerts and flights

"Hello?" I said as I looked at the guys confused as to why jo would be calling

"Where are you guys!" She shouted into the phone

"Um" I paused "what?"

I asked confusingly

"You guys are meant to be in LA now! So where are you?" She said calming her voice slightly and gritting her teeth.

Shit I forgot about that! I'd been swept up in all the drama with Leah

We were meant to fly last night after the concert but I wanted to stay for a bit until Leah woke up

"Jo I'm so sorry I completely forgot to tell you"

"Tell me what" she asked bluntly

"We were staying a bit because a fan, well a girl I like got hurt"

"Bet you didn't think to tell me you cancelled the concert either" she said raising her voice slightly

"No um" I look out at the hospital which you could see from the hotel

Michael grabbed the phone and pressed the loud speaker button

"Look Jo were sorry but everything's been so intense and we got swept up in things" Michael said

"Look just get on the jet I've made plans for you to have to bring you here ok it sets off in 45minutes, be there or the labels thinking of letting you go"


The line went dead and we all sat in silence for a second

"Let us go!" Ashton said worryingly

"This is all my fault, come on we need to get ready to go"

I got up and started packing my last bag, I'd never got around to unpacking them all in the first place

"Luke before we go, go talk to Leah then you'll know the truth" Calum said walking towards me

"I'll pack your bag for you just go, well meet you at the airport"


I got to the hospital and snuck past the people at the door

Hope she's in the same room

I opened the door to see Leah standing with her boyfriend

"Leah what are you doing out of bed?" I asked

"Luke you haven't gone" she said in a seemingly happy voice, maybe she didn't like him

Randomly he grabbed her and kissed her

"sorry I'm interrupting I'll go" I said sadly

I walked out and down the corridor quickly

"Luke!" I heard faintly from behind

I was done with being hurt

I went out front and got a taxi

"The airport please" I asked quickly

Cal, mikey and ashton were stood outside waiting

"So" they asked

"Doesn't matter let's go"

I grabbed my bags and walked into the airport

20 minutes to kill before the plain comes, I just want to go to sleep and forget about the world

"5SOS the plane is nearly ready you can get on now"

We walked slowly to the doors and out to the plane

"Let me lake your bags"

I handed the attendant my bags and got on the plane

"Guys I'm going to sleep for a bit"

"Ok Luke tell us what happened when you wake up" Michael said to me

"Ok, I closed my eyes and settled back into the chair"

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