Twitter girl

Leah a typical lover of the band 5SOS unknowingly has gained the interest of Luke Hemmings 5SOS' lead singer through her tweets. They meet in the most difficult of circumstances but, will Leah survive? Does Simon ruin everything? And will Luke end up with his Twitter girl....


18. hospital

the receptionist looked up in shock

"You're 5sos!"

No we're bananas I though

"Yeah, um what rooms Leah smith in?"

"Floor 3 room 243"

"Thanks" I yelled as I rushed away from the desk

We hurried down the corridor doing that half run that's not really a run because people are watching you, I used to do it on a Friday when I was walking home.

We got to the lift, Michael pressed the button and like usual it felt like an eternity and the lift wasn't even there yet.

"Stuff this" I said as I swung the door that lead to the stairs open

The others stayed waiting for the lift while I sprinted up the stairs

Lucky I have long legs so I can go up 3 steps at a time.

I got to the 3rd floor, an old woman was getting in the lift.

So the others had either beaten me to the 3rd floor or the lift hadn't even gone down yet, in which case that's fucking ridiculous how slow lifts are!

I wandered down the corridor checking every number on the doors as I went by

"241, 242, ah 243"

I didn't want to walk in incase it was the wrong room, pretty sure the reception lady said 243 though

I couldn't look through the window either because the blinds were closed

"Can I help you?" Came a voice behind me

I turned quickly to see the same nurse who'd seen to Leah earlier

"Oh Luke" she said realising who it was

"Take it you're here for Leah?"

"Um yea I am, is this her room?"

"Yep, you can go in you know" she said laughing

She must have seen me staring at the number of the room trying to decide if I should go in

"Yea um I know I was just checking it was her room, blinds are closed and everything so I Um couldn't see"

She smiled inviting at me

"Yea ok, see you later Luke" she said as she walked down the corridor

"Luke are you going in?"

Cal, ash and Michael questioned as they walked towards me

"Nice of you to join me" I retaliated sarcastically

I turned back to look at the door

"Ok" I said quietly to myself as I reached for the door

Beep beep beep

She was just laying there, lifeless, she was hooked up to tones of machines that made a continuous beep sound

I was kind of unnerving, I walked around her bed and looked at her, she was still so beautiful even in this condition

I sat down on the chair in the corner next to her bed

"Look Leah, I know I hardly know you but I like you and I know you can here me but I'm going to be here for you when you wake up" I said as I took her hand and pulled it closer to me

I cupped my hands around hers and laid my hair on the edge of the bed

"Goodnight Leah see when you wake up"

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